Self-shattered Shower Door

      I had a sliding glass shower door tub enclosure installed in my bathroom 20 years ago.  The kind that allows you to take a shower in your tub without soaking the floor. It's 1/4 " thick wavy glass that's semitransparent.  The other morning, sitting in another room, I heard what sounded like a sack of gravel dumping on the bathroom floor.  I went there and saw the floor covered with small glass fragments (1" or less). The door had shattered into small pieces, all by itself with no one around! I called the installer.  He said it was very rare, but he had heard of it happening (though not with doors he had installed) twice in 25 years.  At that low occurrence rate, it sure sounds paranormal to me.  Perhaps some spirit making a statement!  Any reader comments? I'm a retired aerospace research chemist who's generally skeptical of paranormal events. My scientist friends could offer no explanation. 

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This happened to me! At 4:30am last night (which is why I began researching and found this forum), my dog woke me up whining. A minute later I heard a loud crash-it sounded like someone had broken a large window or dropped multiple plates. After I got the guts to investigate, my roommate and I found that her entire shower door (located no where near any doors or windows) had shattered from the middle. I live in California, so I checked the earthquake activity and there was none. She said that she had not used the shower the day before, or even touched it. We were both in our rooms when this occured. I had just woken up moments earlier and the sound of the crash woke her up.<br />
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Also, a few years ago while living in a different state, I was sleeping when around the same time of night, the mirror hanging above my bed, fell on my head and shattered all over me. Other than that, I've never felt like I had a paranormal problem...<br />
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Coincidences?? :-/

I think it was the wear and tear, and perhaps you took a hot shower, and after a while it got smaller, with the heat streatching it and shrinking it, then shattering it.

wow, thats strange indeed. I would guess the first thing is to eliminate the obvious which would first be wind, then perhaps a falling ob<x>ject. Moisture has a tendency to move things around, especially when large trucks go by.<br />
My daughters have a plastic glass on the tub which has a habit of falling quite often.<br />
With out a few other occurrences, I would rule out paranormal activity.<br />
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