I can be quite the moody **** some days, normally i dont show it cause i dont need/like people to pity me or get the wrong impression by thinking it's their  fault and wont say anything tro me, im used to dealing with it anyways, others are not used to me being that way. tis all good though =D

No matter what, there will be better dayz. jsut cause some of us seem blinded to it or wont accept it, doesnt mean there is no hope...time is what its about. stay strong and patince lil one, for we all grow and will eventually walk that one rightious path.

"No one to claim Creator yet the masses are perplexed,
cause by life we're so impressed, we all wish we had it next, and that's no matter how much I complain,
Really couldn't place no blame,
I'll just refrain, try stayin' sane and hope you watch your aim"

Doxtah Doxtah
26-30, M
2 Responses May 10, 2011

=( *hugs*

*mood swings* now i'm :(