The Burden Of Socializing

Yeah, I am tired of socializing too. The fact of the matter is, the older I get, the less tolerance I have for other people's hurtful hidden agendas, etc.. Every now and again, socializing will be a joy when I meet someone who is genuine, and just fun to be around, but a lot of the times, most of the times, this is not the case.

Because "bad" people outnumber "good" people, Ive chosen to stay to myself and not meet new people. I know this is leading to my live becoming stagnet, but when posed with two opportunities. go out, adn there is a chance of me being tortured, (a good chance) or staying in, the chance of being 90% happy, then the decision is easy to make. Over time, I know its leading to my demise.

I've met a lot of horrible people in my day. At one point I felt like a magnet to these types, but not anymore, but yet, I still can not get myself "out there"
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3 Responses Jul 13, 2010

Never mind,, reviewed your profile.. You are not really qualifed to comment on much of anything.

sarahcantstop, you are sooooo brilliant, well of course!! Switch parties!!! I am going to go out and switch parties RIGHT NOW!! AHH the answer...

You need to switch parties. You are obviously not cut out to be a "socialist."