Socializing is like being bedridden for years and then trying to jog a mile... right now, I can barely even walk. And when I do, I look something like a frail baby deer taking its first shaky steps.

But hey, I'm strength training. When I go out, it's with the goal of hanging in there just a little longer than last time. Eventually, I'll be running marathons 

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2 Responses Mar 3, 2009

I hear you on that one. I'll carry you if I have to. :]

lol i dunno if this will interest you - honestly it didn't interest me at first but a friend thrust it on me lol<br />
<br />
it's a condensed version of the book explaining about specific personality types and- well according to it - (and it was amazingly accurate) part of that whole being drained after socialization thing is a very specific personality trait. people who think things over before discussing them and need time by themselves to recharge are the ones who find socialization draining. okay in fairness, part of my socialization issue is about childhood issues too -- and i work on those. but it was really nice to see personality groups so well defined.<br />
<br />
i ahve a personality combination that only about 12% of all people have........maybe that's why few people join my groups lol!<br />
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keep at it - it'll get better!! hugs