Shelter Me....

Sometimes life is hard, unkind and it feels like we never seem to catch a break.  We have no control over what we are dealt only how we deal with those
things.  I too find myself overwhelmed at times never wanting others to see any weakness, sadness or emotional struggles that we all face now and then.  I know God never gives us more than we can handle but right now it's hard to believe that and I cling to that fact and I know He is there for me, supporting me.  

Being human with all my flaws, I still crave the love and strength of a strong man,  my safe harbour in the storm,  my soft place to land,  someone who at the end of the day will shelter me and protect me from all the the world can throw at me.  I rarely, if ever, am allowed to let this facade down with someone and to just breathe and feel safe in their presence.  What would it feel like to be cradled and cherished, protected and cared for?  To have that vulnerablity with another person, and perhaps allow them to help carry the load for awhile.  I know if he needed this from me I'd have no problem being all this for him, because that is simply who I am.....a woman with a heart that doesn't stop giving.

I am also aware that one can be "strong" with no real outlet for only so long before the mask begins to crack.  I am praying that I find him before mine shatters....until then I'll keep praying, seeking wisdom, guidence, patience and by day.   
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4 Responses Mar 20, 2012

That person is out there and you will find the one who completes you.

My heart is open and ready....thank you.

Jess, thank you for your kind words and believe me I do at times, probably not enough, but always on my drive home after my's like clock work (but it's a short drive). You are very sweet. Thank you for making me smile.

Your strength is admirable, but you're allowed to have your moments of weakness every once in a while. Scream, cry, throw something; just vent. It may not work for everyone, but sometimes after your moment of 'weakness', its easier to move on.

I appreciate your response and I do realize I haven't given any details as to my particular hardships at this time, I am blessed with many friends, hobbies and talents and in spite of what is on my plate at the moment, as difficult as it is, I do fairly well dealing with things in the light of day.....however late at night I let my guard down and begin to feel all that I push aside during the day.<br />
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I know a man isn't the all out answer but it is the piece to my puzzle that I find missing. Friends are great and supportive to a point (everyone is busy with their own lives and trials as well), my projects and hobbies keep me productive and busy, and I find my meditation/prayer time throughout my day, especially during my hour long (plus) swims each night. <br />
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Being a caretaker for a beloved family member and watching them deteriorate daily, is just a little more than I can handle at times. I know it is not forever...sadly knowing what this means, I have no regrets and try to cherish the time we have left. I guess the shelter I seek one day will help make these trying times a little more bearable. <br />
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Thank you again, take care.