Being A Mother

I constantly hear no, and what I ask doesn't get noticed or regarded as anything other than a mention of and I am not sure the request was understood or heard. I get exhausted, but there is still a calm and humorous joy that makes everything alright. I hear the no's and I do not want's and the refusal to eat what's cooked and understand it all as a simple part of growing up. The waste the mess and disorganization, is a simple reminder of how busy I get and the time I have to tidy up is kind of like taking a nap, while getting things done. Being a parent is not something every second or moment claims, but most of the time, it does, and relationships wait, or do not exist, the husband gets tired of the inability to understand or comprehend the moment as it passes and mess associated with children, and retreats to a virtual gaming world, which I can understand as his need to be in control of something more than sheer humorous madness and mess and center of attention can revolve around something designed to be unexpected, rather than being surprised by the sound of laughter at nothing coming from his wife, and the child flushing roll after roll of toilet paper, the cats fleeing and hopping at unexpected times, he can have a pet he can understand on a video game that has purpose and serves use. Parenting is great if you can literally dumb down and enjoy the humor in everything that is not at anything, my child understands that as mom just being mom and she isn't laughing at anyone or anything bad, but just unwinding and needing to rest, so the child takes an action to keep things fun and educational, meaning bringing toy after toy and book after book to his mom so mom can have fun and enjoy being rested, which of course helps, considering it was a simple second I got to breathe in deep enough to count as a nap and almost lay down to get a nap, so I suppose the moment counts, and playtime solves everything. I enjoy being a mom, and know that the child is a child and everything is still spectacular and new, and that helps me knowing that my child has everything solved and helps when I get tired. Then there is this site when I get an extra moment, so I can rationalize on a different perspective, and it can be entertaining. That's nice. Zzzzzzz................
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Jul 16, 2010