So many people complain that they HAVE to go to church.


I feel so sorry for them as they’ve missed the whole point of church.  Personally, I don’t have to go; rather I have the privilege of getting to go!  I will admit that I used to hate going to church and I hated that my parents “forced” me to go every Sunday, Sunday night and Wednesday night.  it seemed like such a waste of time. However, as I grew older I learned what church actually was and why it was created. Slowly I began to change my tune. I came to know the Founder.  

I now gladly go to church to worship God and to be with others of like mind (also called fellowship).  Sure, I can (and do) worship God 24/7.  But when I’m with the church, we are encouraging each other as we worship God.  You see the church is the people not some building.  I don’t have to waste my time hanging around with a bunch of strangers who could really care less about me.  No, I get to spend time with God’s family; people who all have the same intent – to worship God and, eventually, be with Him for eternity.  You see if I don’t want to be with them here, I sure won’t want to be with them for eternity.  The church is a family – God’s family!  As the apostle Paul said, when one suffers, all suffer; when one rejoices all rejoice.  That’s a family!  Sure, the people in this family come from different backgrounds and have had different experiences in life, but as the church, they put all their differences aside and unite in love.  No, I don’t HAVE to go to church, I GET to go and I consider it a great privilege.  And I thank Jesus for that privilege.  To think, that He took someone like me, someone so vile and sinful, cleansed me (with His blood no less) and adopted me into His family.  It’s utterly awesome!

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Dude i want to go to church and everyone eals in my family doesn't want to go, i don't knoow what to do? I have been shearching for possibly weeks know... if one of you people would be so kind as to help me find a solution to my problem that would be greatly appreciated!

Go by yourself. Don’t let everyone else’s choice be yours! If you feel nervous about going alone, take along a friend or a neighbor.

thank you

It is a good place to be in God's house with his beloved family. You have chosen wisely my friend :)

Amen brother I love to hear that, I have a very good church, when it comes to bible education, poverty programs, ... all excellent stuff. But they stick to their sub-groups, to what is already familiar, and forget that when I moved to this city six years ago and joined their church, that I joined their family and am supposed to be part of it. Only two people out of over three hundred will message me ever and only one, the chief Pastor, tries to spends time getting to know me. Pastor Marrion Kossovan is the best . I feel liken he is my family. But I wish that others could understand like you do. Your comment was very encouraging to me, thank you.

Most kids “rebel” when they hit their teens. Once they hit 18, they want to be independent and anything their parents did must be wrong (we thought the same way ourselves). It is apparent that your son knows what’s right and wrong, but he probably has wants to exert his independence. Don’t stop praying for him! Pray that God will bring him back to the “Way” and that he isn’t lost to the world. It hurts, but he must do this on his own (his own decision). Be a concerned parent and gently remind him, but don’t nag (that’ll only drive him further away). Be consistent; if you want him to attend church, he needs to see that you make it a priority in your life.

I guess it is just a stage then. I long for his younger years when he had an amazing testimony! At 4 he got up in front of his sunday school class and told them all the plan of salvation....stunned his teacher...and she added that he " got it right too!" At five he got up in front of the congregation and gave his testimony, unaided. When he was 10 - 12 he used to sit bored in Sunday school, his teacher then, said she wished she could advance him to another class because "...he obviously reads his scriptures and understands them, I don;t think he has ever managed to get any of my questions wrong" <br />
<br />
Later she did get him advanced to one of her other classes, but by then, he was bored and starting to rebel all things , church was just one at that stage. Funny, one day he scolded ME when he found out I hadn't attended church for nearly a month. "Mum, it's important, you must go if you are healthy enough to drive" ( I must admit I choked on my food at the time he said it)

It’s really hard to say. All my life I heard the same “lectures” (I think the technical term is sermon) week after week after week at church. They taught love and Jesus and unity and family, but it seemed like a bunch of nonsense to me. Even after I became a Christian, I didn’t quite see it. Then one day as I was reading the bible, it began to “click”. I began to “see” what it was all about - God’s family! I’m a very logically minded person and if things are illogical I avoid them. But this was logical. As I wrote, it wasn’t instant, it took time (like 15 years) before I truly understood. <br />
What can turn people away from church is they see it as something that’s being forced on them and/or it’s too confining; too many “rules”. They see it as a big “thou shalt have no fun”. (But God didn’t tell us not to do things because He wanted to; He did it because He knows what will happen if we do them and He wanted to spare us the hurt. And He didn’t force anyone to “join”, He asked and they accepted).<br />
Another thing that can turn someone away from church is, sadly, other Christians. They talk down church (“yeah, we have to go Sunday. But don’t worry, it’ll be over by noon and we can hit the river then”). I hear this every Sunday from people who profess to be Christians. They can’t wait for church to be over so they can “do something fun”. Other people see this attitude and begin to adopt it as their own - Church is dull, the world is fun! Eventually they “drop out” because church “cramps their style”. (This is especially true for younger people who have secular friends).

I would love to know what "turned you around" as my 18 yr old son has rejected attending church

When I hear someone say, “I can’t do such-and-such because I have to go to church”, it makes me sad. They make what is a privilege and an honor into a menial chore. No, going to church is a privilege that we GET to do. And that privilege came at a high price!

All Gods people said amen!