Thank You May I Have Another?

I love it when people call me weird. I tell them thank you. It kind of confuses them from time to time...
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6 Responses Jun 17, 2010

i'm called weird ALL the time....huh....go figure..

The key is you still have a positive mood to live with them, that's enough.

When I was in High school.<br />
I noted that most of the people.Never made a decision.<br />
They waited for someone to do it for them.What do you want to do ?etc<br />
decided to do what I wanted to do. They could do it with me or not.<br />
I have done and seen things they never will.some good some bad.<br />
But I did something.!With God all things are possible.<br />
And people still think I'm weird.And weird folks have more fun.

I once a read in an occult astrolgy book that the definition of weird literally means "That what must be". Whenever people make that comment to me personally that is my response...the definition of weird is "That what must be".

Weird's my favorite.

I'm the same way! I always take it as a compliment. My girlfriend and I are always calling each other weird. I don't think I would be dating her if she wasn't weird and vice versa.