People Say I'm Weird

When I was younger, I never really considered myself to be a weird person. I had a normal family, normal friends and a normal personality. But as I grew up, my family and I moved a lot. And every year, the best friends I made began to get less...norma if you know what I mean. And, that had an effect on me, and now people come up to me and are like, "You know, your very weird." or "You are very strange, you know that?" And I dont exactly like it, but I dont know how to help it!
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6 Responses Jul 13, 2010

Weird rules!

Normal is over-rated at least when your wierd stupid people tend to leave you alone so its a blessing in disquise, My mom called me the human cartoon.....

You are different, what many strive for while others fear. be yourself. no one is "normal" because everyone is different. it is good to stand out. that's what everyone is looking for, schools, fashion, friends, boys, girls, love, business. think about it. :)

Everyone is weird or crazy.. You are who you are, and if you are posting the question, you care that they think this...<br />
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Simple answer: Don't.----- Keep being weird with a smile on your face :) <br />
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So what if you don't fit their perception of normal, find friends that don't notice if it really bothers you.. If you ignore it, be you and be'll honestly stop hearing or noticing the word.

just because you're not so-called "normal" people have the need to throw that in your face?! Weird is a good thing, a sign of uniqueness. that's what's beautiful and complex about the human race. wouldn't the world be bland if everyone was the same? i think so ;)

You are what you are and be very thankful. Look at the world that "normal" created.