Weird Much?

Yeah, I get told I'm weird a lot... but thats okay. When someone tells me that I'm weird, I simply reply, "thank you!".... then I walk away leaving them to wonder why I embrace it so.
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6 Responses Jun 15, 2007

That's an interesting attitude to have ;-)

we're all weird in a way

Everybody is weird.

If they say you are weird, they are just saying they are different from you (and they have trouble handling it). Everyone's weird.

I just dance to my own tune and then either someone says "you are wierd" or "you scare me." So I stop and think to myself ok ... what was so weird/scary about what I did. Kind of bothers me sometimes because children sometimes say it to me as well and I've always though myself good with kids. Oh well /shrug

Im called it sometimes it makes me feel very insecure inside but I hide it and just go "You love me."