Consider the Source

Yes, I too get told I'm weird a lot.  The problem is, I'm usually told by really smart, astute, well-educated people who are qualified to make evaluations of this sort and know me very well.  Can they all be lying?

There's an old IBM expression that goes, "If three people tell you you're drunk; lie down."

ElLagarto ElLagarto
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9 Responses Jul 27, 2007

Crazy is a fun town to visit - it's great for a summer home. But "normal" - for me - is attractive for one's permanent residence.

awwww-w-w-w-w hell normalacy is bound ta be boring. never tried it yet but all me friends are crazy ta some extent or another anyway. <br />
I'm thinkin ya are fine just as is!<br />

I had you pegged for a Brit.<br />
<br />
Yes indeed, Canada is clean, springtime fresh, effervescent, ebullient, minty, and scintillating - with just a hint of new blue crystals and Restin.

We like our country to be clean and spring fresh, and we love visiting Americans :)

Kingston, Ontario - I highly recommend it. Had a ball. Why is it Canadians are so much nicer than Americans? No litter. What a great place.

Yay El! Hope you had fun being away...

Thanks cuteness. The Lizard is back and better than ever!

Well thanks. I'm unapologetic about being weird. And I agree, while being weird is no guarantee of accomplishing anything, it can help - and ordinary people usually accomplish ordinary things.

Oh my God! I am so naive sometimes. Here all along I just thought they wanted me to be more comfortable. Thanks Lex.