I Remember Everyone I Have Ever Met.

It's not really a story... I just remember everybody I have ever met and I think about them and how they are doing... if they go from my life I still wonder about them... and I feel sad that they are not there anymore.

I met someone not too long ago and he became my best friend and when he went back to his girlfriend my life became less interesting, less fun, just less... I kinda think I am in a little bit of mourning time about this... he says I am very tender hearted... we both knew I would hurt. We both knew at the beginning that he wasn't going to be anything but a friend and that is what happens because I get too attached to people.

I have been divorced for almost ten years from a guy I was with for almost 18 years and I will still have, totally out of the blue, waves of anguish bowl me over about it. Thats what happens because I get too attached to people.
treehuggermom treehuggermom
46-50, F
Feb 3, 2012