The Teachers Who Touched My Life

I have many favorite teachers to say thank you to..My 1st grade teacher Mrs. Crystal..for seeing my potential..nurturing it..and giving me love that i lack coz my mama is always working... then my Music teacher in 4th grade who is too strict but is a very good lecturer..until now Im wishing that i can see her somehow...Then my 6th grade Math Teacher who although is very old and her eyes looked too small coz of how thick her glasses is but still she gave us all the patience and understanding...My teacher in College Algebra who makes learning so much fun...when shes the one teaching it seems everything is easy... Then my teacher in Mandarin...shes chinese but she made the four of us..her students feel at ease with her and treated us as her companion...although i dont practice my mandarin much anymore still shell be always in my heart..Maybe my next teacher is another teacher who will leave me a good impression...I'm planning to study korean language now :) Learning is fun..and going to school is fun too....Maybe younger generations don't feel that way yet..Because it's what they need to do right now to have a career..but once you're already working and earning...You'll miss learning....My teacher used to say....Learning is the key to everything...and everyday is a new opportunity to learn :)
mgey mgey
26-30, F
Sep 16, 2012