The District Police Guy I Once Knew

I remember..everyday as I go to work..A happy and teasing voice will always greet me.. " Grace..kape" means coffee....It's our senior district police greeting me his early joke to me...He knows i love coffee..I remembered him as a jolly..slow speaking calm person...He saw my daughter grew up...because her school is just beside my workplace..the District Office at our place.. he's old but he still loves to work..He go up to our 10 staired office whenever our secretary call him and roam around the whole district to deliver subpoenas to those people who have complaints...When my daughter was included in a princess parade..he snapped pictures using his mobile phone..he really is fond of my daughter and me to him..He treats us as his friend..his daughter..his family...Then I heard last two weeks that he was hospitalized due to stroke we were so sad..when we heard that hes out of the hospital were happy..but then this sunday co employee...texted me that he's already dead...It's sad...too everytime I go to work I won't hear that familiar greeting again..I won't have to search where he is when he greets me (he usually sits on the store across the district office when he greets me) Later after work our district chairman...all the district officials and we the district employees will go to his house and say our final greetings to him....It's sad...losing someone i had known for a long time...but He will always be remembered...especially by my daughter who remembered him as a grandfather who loves to joke with her and give in to her whim.. :)
mgey mgey
26-30, F
Sep 17, 2012