He Is Like My Own Drug..

Everyday i walk into school and see him smiling at me like i am his everything but sadly i am nothing but a friend to him. Everyone always asks me why we arent together or anything but i always tell them the same thing "we are JUST friends". which that is a total lie because we had already talked about being more but then it just didnt work. it seems like as the days go by the more i like him. we are best friends, so it is hard to ignore him because i always have something to tell him and i cant tell anyone else. i tried to ignore him and tell him to go away but i always run back to him. When he got into his wreck last year, i literally thought that i was going to lose him. he was flew to the hospital and stayed for a couple weeks. i only saw him a few times because he was driving the car that him and my boyfriend were in. Unfortunately my boyfriend did not make it through the accident. I dont know if that is why i am so attached to Trevor or not. people say that they could see me being attached because its like that was the only thing i could hang on to after my boyfriend passed away. i just want to be able to live my life and not have to deal with the fact that i am absolutely in love with him. i want to be able to move on and give better guys a chance. But why cant i? That is the question that seems never to be answered.
VballGirl24 VballGirl24
18-21, F
Nov 28, 2012