I'm Too Needy

I just joined this site... pretty cool. Gotta love this anonymous business. So my story is simple really: I start dating someone and I get waaay too attached. I don't know if that is "normal"...I know it's not uncommon, especially with us women, but whether it's healthy and normal, I don't know. Feels pretty bad really. I feel like I "need" him in my life, like I will wither away if he were to leave me, and this how I always am in my relationships, especially in the honeymoon phase. I watch him plan things with his friends... do things with them as he did before he met me, and I wish I had the desire to do the same. Oh nooo, what I do is plan everything around him and only when I know we won't be around each other I THEN make plans with my girlfriends. Lame I know. That is ME putting him first even when he doesn't reciprocate.. pretty pathetic. One thing I wonder though... is it all about me being too needy or does it also have something to do with him not giving enough of himself to me and our relationship? Don't know. Maybe it's a guy thing.

Acignome Acignome
36-40, F
1 Response Aug 25, 2008

Maybe it is a guy thing but maybe a girl thing too.If you ladies do not stand up for yourself, we will walk right over you. Stand up for yourself and if your man does not respect that, kick him under the arse.Life is too short to waste on chauvinistic louts.