People Who Think They Know What You Said But Did Not Listen.

Someone I know has some real problems. Her family was destroyed by her husbands actions. He hurt their children.

While she was working. The educated people who decide what happens to families in these difficult times have not been helpful to this family.

They took the children away. They put the innocent person through so many hoops it is hard to see her smile if she does any more. If she were to vent her anger she would be damned  by the socialistic do gooders,  Her entire family has been denied access to their family (her family) her children)

The wonderful state is making the decisions about her children. I in my stupidity can not come up with one sentence to ease the pain of this friend and her family instead I cry.

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1 Response Feb 17, 2010

In due course of time the so called do gooders will get their comeupens , we console ourselves with this thought , life is a wheel what goes around comes around , in this we understand that the system is creating a generation of outraged youth ( that will one day become adults ) and have the sence enough to vote these fools out of office , history has proven that when the public learns to hate any idea that idea is soon put down one way or another . Paschar