The Female Eye Witness Void Her Bowel In Her Pants 100%

  In the Colombia , an 9 grade teacher hold a grudge on one of her female student for this student got her Into trouble with the superior . She decided to get revenge on this student by lacing the young lady hot chocolate drink with 9 colon flow doctor recommended laxatives. She had her partner in crime Emily do her prank . However , Emily feel bad for the student and decided to put the whole 9 laxatives into Dorothy hot coffee instead . It was exam day and all of Dorothy student Are in proper mode. Dorothy a lazy teacher who is upset with Lori her student waited at her desk for the pills that would mess lori pretty dress with diarrhea Smile to herself at her desk. Dorothy a 32 years old teacher is in tight tan dress pants and a white shirt with her breast pressed against her shirt as if her shirt is under size and her bubble butt in her thong and tight dress pants seated firmly on her teacher leather chair, waited for her laxatives to work on Lori as she begin the exam period. But to dorothy and her round bottom wedge in tight pants surprise , she feel an rumbling need to go bm seating in her chair . Her face show discomfort her legs shake nervously underneath her desk. Then the horror occur . 4 gun men charge into her room and hold up the whole class room. The children were screaming although none were shot or harm physically. Dorothy quickly hide under neath her desk and crawl into a storage closet located in the corner of the room . The criminals let most of the student leave except for 4 female students . Lori was also one of the hostage. Dorothy hidden securely in the storage closet can see the criminal although they cannot see her. She is scare before her control, but fear is not all that she is loosing control . Her bowel is rumbling like an active volcano heating up inside her lower intestine. Her eyes wide open from fear of the kidnappers , her hands groping her stomach trying to calm her bowel. Within minutes into the situation Dorothy concluded that she is going to poop in her pants hiding in the school closet . Her urge to go poop rise to diarrhea status within minutes threatening to ruin her dignity in her tight dress pants. She wonder what have she ate earlier or maybe if she was so scare that she is about to defecate in her pants. 15 minutes passed and now her hands are both on her bottom groping her butt cheeks and holing them together to percent an accident in her pants. Her hands are holding her bubble butt tightly, her eyes are wide open with a wide ginned on her face. Her fore head are sweaty and legs tremble lightly in her tan tight pants. Then her volcano laxatives fill bowel erupted from her bubble butt into her tights pants , budging a warm load right into her hand , the laxatives work perfectly making Dorothy round firm bottom diarrhea her pants uncontrollable . She stood in the the closet holding her butt as warm mushy poo ooze out smearing all over her bottom. She farted a few juicy loads of warm poo as some of it travel down the back of her legs. Her fart noise attract the attention of one of the criminal and all four of them decide to search dirothy closet . This make Dorothy booty drop a massive load of diarrhea into her tight pants budging her pants boty even more . Dorothy is now a smelly nervous wreck praying to god as anal leakage is a constant movement on her bottom . Lori said out loud that she saw the teacher ran out of the room already , and gag there is no one in the closet . The four criminals turn away from the closet . Dorothy is so scare she tried her very best to not poop herself or fart again. At this point her eyes are wide open her face are sweaty and her breast are soak with sweat . She breath silently but rapidly as her butt and thigh are used to the warm of poo pressed onto her buttock by her tight tan pants. The laxatives do as it promise and forces a rapid bm in Dorothy bottom. Her butt became a volcano spilling hot diarrhea into her pants violently on a 5 minutes interval as she stood still and hold herself. Guns shots are fire and the four criminals drop dead . The clas room was safe . Dorothy , a 9 grade teacher, who no longer feel the urge to poop slowly exit her hiding spot . Her students ran to hug her and all she could do is look confuse and tired. The students as well as the police soon find out that her butt and the back of the legs are cover in poops. She went on the evening news as the teacher who witness the terror and defecate herself on her hiding place out of fear. Dorothy friend Emily called the following day and confess the true , that it was the laxatives that gave the massive run in her pants. Dorothy scream on the phone telling Emily that she Emily has make her diarrhea her pants so bad she fill her tight pants for thirty minutes in the storage closet. Dorothy became afraid to fart for a week
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Loved it

Great story, thanks for sharing.

great one, is it a true story?

Nice I like