Something I've Always Wanted To See

One of the things I've always wanted to see happen live in person is to see a girl split her pants right infront of me. Its something I've been turned on by for a few years now and is in the top 5 things I have to see before I die, I've heard stories and seen clips on YouTube etc of girls doing it but have never seen it myself with my own eyes. I'd want to video the event for future reference and as a keep sake of a fond memory. My favourite kind of pants to see a girl split would the classic black kind the sort of smart/work uniform kind, the kind girls wear for uniform pants at school If like me you went to school in the UK then you'll know what I mean. These are my fav to see as they will split right down the middle along the butt seam with a noticeable and distinct ripping sound and if the girl in question is wearing clashing underwear it makes the split far more obviuos to whoever sees it.

Please comment and let me know what you think, If you also share my passion on this subject be you male or female, I am a member of a discussion forum dedicated to this subject and all are welcome, message me if you wish to join and I will give you the link to the site its totally free and there are links to vids from YouTube and stories from online pages etc

Regards, Hittman.

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2 Responses Feb 14, 2010

Me too! I would especially love the black school trousers, and what would be really great is if it's a girl in the last year of school, so she's got her hair and make-up done and trying to be really grown-up, but during the day she bends over and tears the entire back side out of her trousers, and underneath she has humiliating childish panties, like pink Barbie ones or My Little Pony!

Hi! I have a fetish for this also, mine is a little different, as I am a girl and want this to happen to me. I set my self up sometimes even, and I love the idea of not wearing panties at all and then asking someone if the rip is noticeable, and then them telling me it isn't (even though, I'd love for it to be VERY noticeable, and blatantly placing me on display for everyone to see.) Then, me going all day with the rip in the seam, acting like I have no idea. I would love that. I DO love that, I have done it a few times, well, not asking anyone, but I've left my house knowingly with a rip in my seams, cut the seams my self and intentionally bent over, or knelt down so the rip would happen. I love it. I wish there was more content like this on the web too. Well, with no panties. I hate panties I think it ruins it! lol