In The Recovery Room

I am not sure if this story is really qualified for this topic. First of all how can you be humiliated if you are unconscious and second, perhaps nothing happened anyway. Let me explain-

When I was in my mid twenties I had needed surgery on my shoulder. This required me to be anesthetized. As I woke up in the recovery room I remember voices and hearing “he’s walking up”. As I regained consciousness, there were two nurses on either side of my bed. I was still dazed and remember feeling cold as one of the nurses pulled my blanket up to my chest and tucked it slightly under my side. They asked me how I felt as they checked my vitals and my sutures. The nurses were quite young, perhaps about the same age as me.

Soon an orderly came and took me back to my room on the gurney and began to prepare my bed. I pulled the blanket off me to make the move into my bed and I was surprised to see that my gown I was wearing was pulled up above my chest, leaving my **** fully exposed. I covered myself as the orderly helped me get into the bed.

I have always wondered why my gown was pulled up like that. It did not seem possible that it would have happened during the surgery. Now there is probably a very logical explanation for my state of undress and perhaps nothing happened. Still to this day I often wonder (and fantasize) that perhaps something more did happen. Would nurses really check out a patient that was unconscious or is it just my over active sexual imagination.

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It really depends on the nurse, but it's definitely a possibility. Most nurses don't really care about seeing your stuff because they have to look at plenty of naked guys already. However, if a guy is really good looking or has an interesting penis then YES!... we have our on ways of peeking on you so most of the time you wouldn't even know the we have seen you naked.

If you have reason to believe that your nurses were interested in you, than your little incident was probably not a coincidence. hehe

Thank you for your input. I see by your profile that you are a nurse so I guess you know what you are talking about.