Friday Night With Friends

Ok, here we go again.
I just dropped our friend off at the airport after a fun weekend. He got here Thursday afternoon and it's now Sunday evening. I already told ya about Thursday and Friday morning, now comes Friday night.
I called my wife during the day to see if she wanted me to pick up anything on the way home and what she wanted to that night. She said she was pretty exhausted and what if we got a movie. I agreed being a little wiped myself. I texted my buddy and he called me about an hour later. He was all excited, he said he closed the deal he came here to get, and he just has to sign contracts tomorrow morning. It would take about an hour and he'll be done around 9am. I said "Congrats, you're the man!". (now I have to give my buddy props for suggesting what he did). He asks about tonight and do we need anything, and how about tomorrow, (Saturday), since he'll be done so early that we head out to the beach and then he'd treat to a nice dinner Sat. night. I told him we'll have to see what my wife thinks, but that sounded like a great idea since the weather has been great. I can see the wheels turning in his head. Sly dog!
I got home first, grabbed a beer, watched sportscenter and melted on the couch. My wife came in about 30 minutes later. I told her about the idea for tomorrow and she thought it was a great idea, as longaa we go to her favorite restaurant. She loves the beach anyway. I started nodding off as she started dinner. She talked to our divorced neighbor on the phone, she's hot too, and told her to watch the movie with us. I was out like a light on the couch when our friend came home a little buzzed and saw me and got real quiet since I was apparently napping. He went in the kitchen and told my wife about his success at his meeting, and the plans for tomorrow. When she told him it was a great idea, I'm sure he was happy. (sorry, I'm rambling. It's the hangover). He opened the bottle of Merlot he bought . He knew that was her drink of choice. I heard him ask if he could help, and she said she's gonna hop in the shower and if he could just keep an eye on the lasagna that was baking in the oven. I had a little grin knowing he was already sporting wood. He said he's just gonna sit out on the porch and smoke and listen to music. I KNEW IT! Lol
He trots upstairs to get out of the suit, and the shower was running. When I heard the shower door close, I jumped up and ran in the bedroom to crack the blinds on the sliding glass doors like last night, I ran back and laid on the couch like I was napping. He comes jogging down the stairs 2-3 steps at a time and goes straight to the deck . I heard the radio go on, then a the chair move as he got into position. I snuck upstairs and looked out over the porch. I started to rub my crotch as it got thicker. He is sitting up sipping his beer and just staring non-stop, without blinking, at the bathroom window. He was using his head too. He turned the lights on the deck off and just had the candles going. He had some balls too. I saw him get up and slide against the wall to the bathroom window. Now he had the down view seeing what I often sit out there and do. I almost went the screen on the upstairs window looking down. I stroked myself thinking of the view, as I'm sure he did to. It was perfect timing. As I did my thing and started to walk downstairs the water shut off. I laid on the couch, then yawned and stretched. He heard me when he came in to check the oven. We were all safe. I got up, yapped with him for a bit, grabbed a beer and told him let's go have a smoke. We went out, same seats as last night with the same results. It was awesome. The only difference? He didn't run to the bathroom right away. He must have finished himself at the window..

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And yet another wonderful weekend of viewing comes to a close with wonderful results! I'll bet your buddy won't wait so long before he comes back for another visit! I love how your wife is yours alone, yet how you (and I) enjoy the idea of sharing them visually.

The weekend had just begun. Wait till you read saturday and sun. ;)

I enjoy your writings. We seem to share common interests. Unfortunately I can not post on your whiteboard - never had that occur before so it must be in your settings. Added you to my circle. Sonny (Alleyes)

Never saw that not posting on whiteboard thing either.

Great story, too bad the only thing your buddy got to share was the gorgeous view!

That's all anyone gets.