Friends Backyard Bbq

      So get a good visual the black outfit she used for this photo is actually a bathing suit I ordered from one of those catalogs we got in the mail. Once you order from 1 of them, tons more come. So this hot black number ties around the neck, has 2 strips down the front and raps around her crotch and covers her butt and then ties around her belly. What's hot is, the front is VERY low cut as you can see, and any movements at all causes the top portion to gape open.  BIG TIME!!!  The picture tells it all.

    Ok, get the idea???

      Last summer, myself and 3 buddies went golfing and one of them called his wife and told her to get stuff for a BBQ and that we'd have a party after golf with our friends.  All of the other guys called our wives/girlfriends and filled them in.  We finished golfing about 1pm, hit the 19th hole for the usual cocktails and bragging about how great we all were.  We left and went back to my buddies house and went to the backyard where his wife had everything set except  the bbq going.  That was the men's job.  So we're drinking more and getting the steaks ready and the fire going. My buddies wife is in and out of the house with the plates, napkins, etc. and she is hot as ****. My buddy likes to show her off like I do.  She is running around with her little bikini which consisted of a very tiny top and thong bottoms that came to a V in the front and the V came dangerously close to the top of her shaved *****.  You could see her camel toe and you could see that the bikini bottom just made it and the pelvic split to her ***** was right there. We were just waiting for her to lean back or for our buddy to put his arms around her from behind. Any little thing would pull her skin up and the suit down.  God,  her ***** was so close, I felt like doing the hug from behind a few times and pulling up on her belly which would have let the other guys see the upper 1/2 of her *****, but I wouldn't see ****.  I knew it was a matter of time before we'd see it anyway.
She is just smokin hot!  I think she's about 24 years old.  My buddy has money.  Duh.!!!
  So she is running in and out of the house and one by one the other wives show up. My wife was the last one. We were all sitting outside and my buddies hot little cutie and my wife come out from the kitchen together carrying the veggies and my wife brought over wine and a bottle of Jaiegermeister. We do shots of that when we don't have to work the next day.   I thought Brooke was going to be the one to drive the guys nuts, and her *** is unreal.  When Brooke was in and out of the house I didn't wait anymore. While she was inside doing stuff at the sink,  I went in to grab ice for the cooler and when I walked in I rapped my arms around her waist as she stood at the kitchen sink washing stuff and said thanks for having us over and I did the pull up and as I leaned over her shoulder and looked down between her boobs and saw right down her belly to her gorgeous ***** that was now showing from the pull up I did on her belly. Her top was open a little so I got a nipslip too.  That was f'n sweet.  So, getting back to the backyard.  Brooke and my wife come out from the kitchen together. I see my wife has this very daring black "bathing suit" on with a tiny white denim skirt. She came over said hi to everyone and bends down and kisses me and asked how I played. I stuttered and said "wh-wh-what?" the entire top of the thing she had on came completely away from her body. Both pieces that came down the front just folded from where it went around her neck to where it tied around her waist. She stayed bent over after she kissed me as she asked about how I played and the 3 other guys just looked like they just ****** there mother. Her boobs just hung down like utters. Brooke is over by the bbq giving my buddy the steaks and then comes to the table and the bikini bottoms were down giving me that view of the split between her *****.  My wife and her sit and when my wife sat, that made her bathing suit prop open away from her body giving the guys on both sides of her to just look at her gorgeous **** as they hung freely.  Both girls made the guys day. 
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May I come to the next BBQ? I'll bring the steaks......hell, I'll bring a whole cow!!!