Not Expecting Us!!

      A friend of ours works close to where I work and we often meet at this pub after work and suck down a few beers before heading home. We do that more like everyday. After 3-4 drinks we normally head home by 6pm. He lives about 15 minutes from us.  Well, we drank 1 day until about 8ish. I called  my wife and told her to avoid a pissed off wife when I came home buzzed. So, my buddy and I are heading home and it's now about 9pm, and he called me to say he had to **** like a racehorse. I told him to stop at my house on his way. We pull in the driveway the light in the living room is on. I opened the door and my buddy was behind me doing the pee pee dance.  I thought he was gonna **** in his pants.  I walked in and my wife was sitting on the couch with her laptop. She had on just a pair of black thong panties and a black mesh top that is her laying around the house attire. When I came in and saw her I was going to tell my buddy to hold on a second but he ran right past me as soon as the door opened and was in before I was.  That's how fast he was. He ran through the living room towards the bathroom. My wife didn't have time to do a thing and he almost ran into the staircase on his way to the bathroom because he saw her on the couch. She looked at me and I just shrugged telling her that he had to **** really bad. I went over and gave her a kiss and she just kept typing away.  I went in the kitchen and grabbed a beer and yelled in the bathroom asking if he wanted one. He was moaning saying his **** felt so good and sighed and said sure.  I asked my wife if she minded if he stayed for just 1 beer and she said she didn't care.  When he came out of the bathroom his eyes were glued to her but trying not to be obvious.  It was pretty funny watching this. My wife stopped typing and said, "let me get you guys some food." She the dinner still warm for me anyway.  She got up with her black mesh top and her breasts in view because it is totally see through. I looked at her and had to fixed my **** to a better position. My friend looked at me and smiled and mouthed, "Wow, you lucky bastard." I laughed and said, "Ya think?"    My wife got up and turned walking to the kitchen and he and I followed her bare *** walk away. Her thong wasn't see through which would have been really hot, I thought.  Then after making 2 dishes up, she came in and bent down placing his on the coffee table and I got a great *** shot as she bent over.  Then she came and placed my dish where I was sitting and had to do the same bending over. This time my buddy got the *** shot and I purposely watched him when she did. I think he came in his pants when she did that.  I gave her a nice kiss thanking her and made it a few lil licks and pecks to keep her bent down to me with him drooling as her *** and legs are perfect. It was pretty hot. She went back to the couch where he was sitting and went back to her laptop sitting indian style. Now he was looking down at her thong covering her ***** as she typed and her nipples popping through the mesh top.
  Hot Stuff!!  God, I Love my wife!!!

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I'm working on the same thing

That is awesome

putting on something like that feels as if she is fully clothed but the mesh material let her puppies breath in ease!!!

Man your stories and pictures are fantastic, just like your wife!! Would be honored if you allow me as a friend.

You are indeed lucky. This is one hot story and the pictures of your wife in her sexy outfit are sensational!!, Your wife looks like an eleven on a scale of one to ten! I plan to read all your stories while imagining what your wife looked like. I would love to be a friend and see more of her!!