Friend Comes Over Every Night Since

 This is a Sequel to "Not Expecting Us!!!"

     The friend that stopped at the house to take a leak on his way home from work, has been over everyday since. After that 1st "pop-over" and seeing my wife in that mesh top, he made it a point to ask the next day if he could pop in for a beer on his way home from our daily stop at the pub. We talked at the bar and he apologized for seemingly catching my wife unexpectedly. I told him not to sweat it, and to **** before we left the bar...and we both laughed.  We had 2-3 beers, like every other day and left.  I always like to be home by 6pm.  The day before,  we left the bar at 830-9pm.
     When I got in the car, I called my wife to tell her that I invited him to stop in for a beer.  He lives 15 minutes past our house, so it's on his way home.  It was about 5:30pm and the sun was still out. She told me that dinner would be ready and to see if he wanted to eat something. I told my wife about his apology,  and she laughed asking "for what?" She already knew that I got horny as hell the day before when I watched him drool as she sat there with the mesh top and thongs, like it was no big deal.  I told her how friggin hot that was and she said, "ok, want me to do it again?" I begged her to PLEASE Baby, with sugar on it. She told me that I had to make her have 3 ******* afterwards.  I said, "DEAL"  
      After hanging up with her I called him and asked if he was hungry and dinner would be ready by the time we got to the house.  Of course he said yes. We got to the house and the sun was just going down. I had to drag the garbage cans from the curb so I told him to throw the beers in the little fridge on the back deck.  He knocked,  opening the door yelling "Hello" and I told him to just go in because she was making dinner. He went in, closed the door, and I dragged the empty trash cans up the driveway. When I walked in, he was in the kitchen talking to my wife, still holding the beer. I guess he didn't make it to the back porch yet.  I had noticed on the mantle, the wall, and a few tables, there were framed pictures of the pro pictures she had done and the nice beach ones we took. All the pictures she put out were the totally nude, and topless. I saw that and thought,  we're gonna have to hang out in the living room. I walked in the kitchen, told him to put the beer in the fridge.  My wife was by the oven, checking on the roast, bent over with her shorts that have like no crotch. Now I know why he stopped in the kitchen.  When he went to the porch, I stood behind her and said "stay just like that." I took a picture and told her that looked sweet.  She told me, "Just wait."  Now I started getting excited to see what was in store. When he back in the kitchen, my wife was in and out of the oven a lot. Every time she bent over to baste it and check it, this was the view. I went in the bedroom while he stayed watching her and talking. I quietly went out the sliding glass door to the porch so I could peek in the kitchen window watching her drive him nuts.
When she would bend over and wasn't looking, he made believe he was tying his shoes and was kneeling down getting a better view. He was about 6 inches from her *** and I watched as he tilted his head looking up, sideways, etc.  I was rubbing my **** when my wife noticed where he was. She turned the dish around in the oven and spread her feet to get balance which gave him a perfect view. I could see everything from out the window. I wish I got a picture of that. When she started to close the oven, he quickly stood up before he got snagged. She did the bend a few more times and he leaned down when she did looking up, sideways, and I was rubbing my **** faster and harder. Jeez that was a turn on to watch. I wished I was him at that moment, then realized if I was him, I wouldn't plowing the **** out of her later and licking her ****. She took the roast out of the oven, and I went back in the bedroom with a limp. I heard her say to him that it had to sit for about 10 minutes before I could carve it and she was gonna jump in the shower really quick. I grabbed the string and opened the vertical blinds that cover the sliding glass door to the porch. She came in and I had it nice and light in the bedroom as it grew darker outside. She asked if I like that and I told her I almost came every time she bent over. She said it was making her wet too and she was gonna take a quick shower while the roast cooled. I told her We'll be outside on the porch since he smoked. 
    I walked out and she was naked at the bedroom mirror. I left the door open about 4-6 inches pretending I was just grabbing something and went to the porch. Looking in the window again, I saw him sneak from the kitchen counter over to the bedroom door and peeked around the wall looking in the open door. I found out later that my wife heard him and saw him through the mirror. When he heard me coming back in he started coming out to the porch. I told him I'd be out in a second. I went to the door and snapped away.

I closed the door as she got in the shower and went to the porch to watch the show through the open verticals over the sliding glass doors.
 To Be Continued....

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What a figure.what a story. any more pictures of her

Reading your stories are great. I would really like to be your friend so I can see the rest of the pictures of your hot wife.

Her body is ******* amazing!!!!

OMFG she is sooooo ******* hot, what a smokin hot body on her. I can see why your friend likes to *** by, hell I almost came myself when I saw her pics. Your friend is on very lucky S.O.B. to get the eye full he did, I can't wait to hear what happened next. By the way what time did you say dinner was, I sure as hell don't want to be late. I'll be sure to pick up plenty of beer and a few bottles of her favorite wine as I'm sure a hottie like her would prefer wine to beer. Should I pick up a nice big roast for her to cook nice and slow, I sure as hell would love to get the view your friend did of her smokin hot body. I must admit she has the most beautiful ***, curves in all the right places, Hell the whole package is amazing a true picture of beauty. Thanks for sharing your beautiful wife with me and please keep those pics of her *******, especially that killer *** of her's as it is a beautiful *** indeed.

Thank her. She is the fun one here too. Nah, she sees all these

Well then Ms. Lckme4now, thank you very much for sharing your incredibly hot n sexy body with me. You are truely a very beautiful hottie and by the way I do love your hot sexy *** sooooo much it is awesome a picture of beauty in it's self.

<--mrs. Thank you for the compliments. We've had our fun.