Back 2 School!!!

     The VERY happy college neighbor went back to school, but not before my wife decided to give him a going away present. Since the first day my wife really had fun teasing the poor kid, plus she was "LOVING" the fact that a 21 year old guy was checking her out. Watching her at her best was very exciting for me. Especially with him thinking I wasn't home. We've both noticed the guys are braver when they think I'm not there. Plus I get to see them watch her in action.
      This is now the day after the college guy helped her clipping the tree in the back yard. I asked him to help since I was working, but I was home watching from the upstairs window. Very HOT.
     The next day she was laying out getting sun again. When she went out the sliding doors from the bedroom to the deck she slammed the door so he could hear it. She grabbed her towel and spread it on the ground.  I took the day off knowing her plan and kept my car in the garage so it looked as if I wasn't home. She heard his upstairs window slowly slide open. His bedroom window looks out over our pool and deck. First thing she did was remove the towel that was wrapped around her, then lay down naked. She saw him standing back away from the screened window trying not to be seen. She was on her back and I was getting a chubby seeing her lay there butt naked. She laid there with her ***** facing me knowing I was stroking my ****. I was in our bedroom looking out the sliding glass doors. She spread her legs a few times showing me her *****. After about 10 minutes she flipped around with her ***** facing him. I lost it when I saw her slide her hand down and start rubbing herself. JEEZUZ, that was hot as hell, and I know this poor kid probably fainted.This went on and she rubbed faster, moaning as she had an ******. That was a first. She really gave it up this time. 
     After she regained her composure she got up and went in the pool and floated on the raft, again seeing him through her sunglasses. 

   She floated a while, then walked around bending over and squatting to pick something up with her legs spread. I was laying on the bed naked stroking so fast and she looked in at me squatting showing me how wet she was getting. She told me later that she heard him *** at least 3 times. That got her so crazy knowing the 2 of us were going nuts, that she kept doing more.
    She cooled off, and after a while she came inside and rode me hard. We both came quickly and loudly. She threw on her bikini and decided she wasn't finished. She went out and when she moved her car, she accidentally on purpose hit the horn. She washed her car, and within 3 minutes, he came out to check the mail. He stayed talking to her watching. I was looking out the living room window as she got him again.

     He sat on the driveway talking as she washed the car. When she bent over, she purposely had her *** in his face and stayed in that position cleaning the rims. I laughed when he leaned sideways almost laying down to see her thong was over to one side and her clam was out. She told me that she thought about backing up so her *** and ***** would bump into his head. She did get very close a few times, and I could see him trying to maintain control. Eventually he got up and he offered to help dry it and grabbed dry towels. I heard her tell him to come in for a beer, and she'd make him lunch for helping. I went in the bedroom and closed the door when they came in. She came in the bedroom, told me what she wanted to do since she was dripping wet, and he was fun to tease. Since he was going back to college, he wasn't going to be around for a while. I got in the bathroom and she went back out, got a glass of wine, and told him to get a beer from the fridge on the deck while she got out of the wet clothes. When she came back in the room, she had a shoe on the floor that kept the door open, . He was on the porch getting a beer. The verticals were totally open and my wife had her back to him. He got a clear shot in the bedroom and kind of hid behind a potted plant on the porch watching her every move. I watched him from the bathroom window and was telling her what to do. She was putting different things on giving him a fashion show, and when she took off this pink nightie outfit and sat on the bed facing him, I told her he had his hand down his shorts, getting off.

When she did this, he lost it. My wife was getting hotter by the minute and I could see her getting wetter and wetter.

    After trying a few things, she yelled out the bedroom door telling him she'd be out in a minute and make himself out home. He didn't respond but he got to get a closer look when she slid the verticals over 1/2 way but still open. She laid across the bed face down and with her butt facing the glass door, started getting herself off and he crawled up to the window looking in. I was on the floor looking in her eyes as she smiled watching me shoot yet another load. I told her that he was against the door watching with his nose against the glass. She started to *** again. I saw that glaze over her eyes that she gets.
   To be continued!!
Sorry, I need a break!!
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Great stories. It is almost hard to read staring at that lovely lady of yours!!!!!

I loved your story so far and the pics of your beautiful wife, no wonder you love her so much, you must be very proud of her and of the effect she has on other men<br />
<br />
I look forward to reading more of your adventures<br />
<br />

Thanks Tina. From me.....her. Lol

You are a lucky man.

I love the story and the pics, and the fun you both have!! It's great!