My Favorite Sexy Negligee

     I came home from work to a VERY nice surprise. Little did my wife know that a friend of mine stopped over for a beer. We walked in the house, and I yelled out, "I'm home baby!". She replied, "I'm out back on the porch." I grabbed 2 beers and followed my buddy out the back door. My wife had on this hot black teddy looking thing that is sexy and makes my wife's *** look outstanding!!

   My buddy saw her and made a quick u-turn saying, "Oh man, I'm sorry", then I saw her standing like the picture on the right. I told my buddy not to freak out. My wife said I usually call when someone is coming over.. I told her it was a last minute thing, My buddy and I sat and had our beers as my wife was in and out grabbing munchies and a glass of wine for herself. My friends eyes were all over her as she pranced in and out of the house. He told me later that he wished his wife looked like that. I was loving the fact that I could see her nipples through the lace that covered her boobs
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I like to host a card game where my wife is the eye candy and waitress getting us drinks. She starts out in a short slip dress that buttons from top to bottom and as the night progresses she undoes a button on top and one from the bottom. This has her showing more cleavage and leg. As the buttons number two get undone they have a clear down-blouse shot as she passes drinks over them and her legs, when parted allow for a good panty shot and she always wears very see-thru panties. Recently one of my friends ran his hand up her thigh waiting for her to protest and when she did not he copped a feel between her legs and she acted like nothing had happened. He continued to feel up her dress whenever she was there and she stood talking for at least three minutes while he played with her ***** through her panties. Some of the other guys noticed and began to cop feels when they thought I was not looking or noticing.

She went back for more drinks and un-did two more buttons which left only two holding her dress on. You could easily see all of her perky **** and her panties were in plain sight. She was not wearing a bra so her **** were getting a lot of attention but most still played with her panties as it was below the table line and I did not have a great view of the action. She came over and whispered that her ***** was really wet and I told her to go get me a drink and remove her panties.

My friends were surprised when they reached up her dress and found a wet and willing ***** and all were taking turns fingering her and she would stop at each corner for a few minutes to allow a lot of action as she tried not to moan out how much she loved all the attention. She, on cue, disappeared into the bedroom and everyone was wondering where she was. My friend Jack asked where she had gone and I said maybe to the bedroom to lay down and rest. Jack asked if he could check on her and I said sure. Jack was gone for about twenty minutes and came back with a smile on his face as all the guys were wanting to know what was going on. Another friend went to the bathroom, via her bedroom and was gone for almost thirty minutes before returning with a similar smile.

The next two took their turn and by the time the game was over everyone except me had ****** my wife. They all left and thanked me for the fun and I knew that is when my fun would really begin. My wife and I had two video cameras set up to get all of the action and I watched the tape as she sucked my **** and sometimes would watch some of the film and then I ****** her really good and we went to sleep.

All of this had started when I told her that I wanted her to be really sexy with my friends and she had said that I could not handle it. In the morning she said "Well I ****** four men on film without any protest from you and it was the sexiest night I have ever had."

When we want to set the mood for some great sex we play the tape and comment of his/her skill level and her ***** gets soaked watching it and then we have crazy sex. This has helped our marriage and she knows that she does not have to ever cheat on me and that if she just asks I will let her do whatever she wants as long as it is in our house and on film. She has a girlfriend coming over who wants to **** her and she is curious so we have a plan for me to be away and the cameras will be rolling! I can't wait....

Someday I hope come home to something like that...friend in tow and all!

Very hot.

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Very nice!