Happy St. Patrick's Day 2

Okay, Let's see if I can finish this.
      New guy from work saw my wife floating in the pool,  runs out when I called to say I was almost there, and I met him on the driveway as a few other guys showed up for the St. Patrick's Party. I noticed he was blushing. I asked him if he was waiting long and he said just a little while.  We all walked in, there was 2 more guys, and one guy brought his girl.  She is smoking hot.  He divorced his wife for this girl. He met her when she was stripping.   
   We all walk in the house and I yell,  "Honey, We're home..."  The music was on, and she came prancing in through the sliding glass doors from the porch to the kitchen. She had on her blue bikini, which when wet, is see through.    She knows how to make me nuts!!
   So we're in the kitchen and she mixes all of us these green concoctions in the blender.  Green of course. My buddies ex-******** girl and my wife talked and myself and the guys went to sit out by the pool. 
   A few minutes later, the girls came out and my wife had let Erika, , use one of her bathing suits.  The 2 of them come out with munchies and the drinks, put them on the table.  Mind you, the bathing suit my wife gave her was white.  DUH!!  After putting the stuff on the table, they both went and sat on the edge of the pool as all us guys drank, and watched with eager anticipation. Myself especially, because I knew the white bikini was kinda see through when when.  After about 2 minutes of yapping, my wife slipped in the pool as they continued talking, and then Erika got in.  They were in the 3.5-4foot part of the pool standing waist deep talking.  They got out, and grabbed the lounge chairs as us guys just put our drinks on the table and saw these angels come out of the water, lay on the chairs, and yap. The guys, including me were like...."This is the best f'n party ever."  I told the guys, "I gotta get a picture of this!!"  We all laughed.
The white bikini is when we went to the beach, but this is what Erika wore.  Get it?
    We could see her shaved *****, her nipples, etc.  It was beautiful!!
   After a bunch of drinks, jokes, laughing our balls off and forgetting about the 2 hot chicks, they got up, and went in to get the corn beef and cabbage dinner ready.  We were still laughing, and my buddy with the ******** g/f told the other guys, "You Owe us, BIG TIME!!"  I said, "cheers, God Bless America."
     They called us in when the food was ready. I walked in first to see if I could help and Erika is standing in the kitchen with 1 of my wife's crop tops on.

   I saw this and said, "Oh my God!!" I called the guy in, her b/f, and we both laughed. The other guys came in and you could see the look in their face. It was like a mastercard commercial.  "Priceless!"
   We sit at the table and Erika is in and out from the kitchen to the dining room table bringing the food in, and my wife comes out with her crop top. Not to be outdone by the ex-********, she starts to serve us one by one around the table. 
   I guarantee every guy, including me, lost some juice..  
Hope you enjoyed your St. Paddy's Day as much as I did!!
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I just know that St. Pat didn't have it that good

Nothing like hot women to make a hot party

Wow! what a sexy hot wife you have ! i hope u showed her ur appreciation later ! growl