Friends Get A Peek!

My wife and I have been married for 2 years now. She's 23, about 115 pound and 5'4 with small B cups. We enjoy frolicking in the bed room and doing random things to get each other excited. I often ask her to go out without a bra and panties. This is where my fetishes starts.

My buddies find her very attractive and have often made many comments about her looks and general playful behavior. One night my wife and I go out to a bar with two of my good friends. We drank and had a good time. She was wearing a loose button up shirt with no bra along with a ridiculously shirt skirt. While drinking, I got a little frisky and was rubbing her ***** under the table and had pulled her skirt higher up, to the point where if you just looked down you could see her bare shaved *****. While taking a few shots, I noticed my friends kept on looking towards my wife's legs. I quickly realized that her legs were not fully closed and that even with the dim lighting, her ***** was still clearly visible to them. I pretended that I did not notice and did not tell her either that she was so exposed. The only thing that was on my mind was. "why the he'll am I not mad and why the he'll am I so oddly turned on?".

The night continued on and we all had a good time. I decided to keep the whole accidental ***** slip going and unbuttoned her top a bit. Now., whenever she moved or twisted, her small perky **** would pop out and say hello to everyone. My friends noticed a few minutes after and began to state even harder at her and I was even more turned on. One of the guys even excused himself to go to the rest room. When he came back, he was all of a sudden much closer and had a better view of my wife's private parts..... To be continued....
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great story, i hope it all went well

Good story. I would bet that she knew she was exposed that much, and was just as excited as you to know others could see her kitty.

I loved the story my wife is clos to your wifes size she is 5 ft 100Lbs 34b and she loved to wear short skirts and if one of my friends looks her way she will make it look like an accident and will cross and uncross her legs slowly to get their reaction she loves it and i do get turned on bymy friends wanting her