Two Friends Forever!!!

 Two friends and I were helping a friend move. After an early morning start, loading the truck, getting to their new place, unloading the truck, drinking a lot of beer, and helping him situate everything, my wife had called me asking how much longer I would be. I told her we were almost done. She told me that she was, for some reason, really horny. I automatically perked up, and started to rush the guys. She sounded a little funky, and I asked what she was doing. She said her friend Tina came over and they caught some sun, went in the pool, and drank a bunch of Captain Morgan and cokes. I told her she sounded a little happy. She told me, Tina had just left and now she was alone, and horny. 
    I told her give "us" 20 minutes. She asked, "US?" I reminded her that the 2 guys cars were at our house. One of the guys went in the truck, and one came  in my car following the truck. She looked out and told me she didn't know that. She told me that she was going to be laying on the raft in the pool naked, so hurry up!!!
    She told me how hot it would be if when we got there, to sit in the kitchen. I automatically got a hard on. I told the guys, slurring my words a little, to c'mon let's go. We all hopped in my car, and the one guy doesn't drink, so he drove. I pretended to nod off on the way to the house. When we got there, I stumbled up the driveway to the door, and we all popped in the kitchen. I got 2 beers out of the fridge and lemonade for the non-drinker. From the kitchen, there is a huge bay window that looks out to the backyard and the pool. As soon as I gave them their drinks, I told them to make themselves at home. I told them I didn't feel that good. I went into the bedroom, and left them in the kitchen. When I came back out to the kitchen, they were both standing looking out the bay window. My wife was floating on her raft nude, and I stood quietly behind them as they gawked. I slipped back in the bedroom and looked out the doors at her doing her thing.
   The guys had a few more drinks, and I gazed out the glass bedroom doors, jerked off, and listened to them whispering about the incredible sight.

     As I was looking out and ******* off, my wife looked over and saw me standing at the bedroom door. I pointed to the kitchen window and she glanced to see the guys staring out at her. She told me later, they all tried ducking down behind the curtains trying not to be seen.  When I looked sideways from the bedroom, I could see them standing at the bay window admiring my amazing wife. When I looked back at her, she had jumped off the raft and sat on the edge of the pool, tilting her head back with her eyes closed, but facing them and me. I know I blew a load for the 2nd time, and they had to be going nuts.

    After I unloaded twice, I flushed the toilet so they would know I was up. I washed up, and came out to see them now sitting in the den. I walked out, sat and all 3 of them were red as a beet, and had noticeable lumps in their pants. I mentioned that I thought my wife would be home by now, and they didn't say a word. Eventually, she came in threw the kitchen wrapped in a towel. "Hey guys", and I said, "I didn't know you were home, I thought you were still out." She told us that she fell asleep out at the pool and didn't hear us come in."  The guys all got up and said they had to get going. My wife told them to please stay for dinner, and she was just going to start cooking. The non-drinker thanked her but said he had to go. The other 2 stayed.
   To be continued------
Plywithme4now Plywithme4now
46-50, M
Jun 27, 2012