Her Night Out!!!

My wife had made plans to meet up with the girls one night at a club. When she brought it up, I asked if I was invited. She looked and said that it was kind of a girls night out, and she really needed it. I asked her if I could make it a guys night too. Her reply, "As long as it's not where they were gonna be!" I told her to just let me know, so that wouldn't happen. She and her friends haven't had a girls night in a while, since we're all married, have kids, etc. I told her it was about time they all got together, and the best part is every time they do go out together, she always comes home drunk and horny as hell. When I told her that the other husbands told me the same thing, we both laughed.
It was a Wednesday night. Ladies night at this establishment that they all decided to meet. I got home from work and she was getting out of the shower when I came in. With a towel on her head, she looked in the mirror doing her makeup. I was getting undressed, and couldn't take my eyes off of her amazing naked body. (Except the towel on her head). 😛...Her back down to her ***, legs to her toes are just perfect. (to me anyway) 😝 before I jumped in the shower, I hugged her from behind and my semi-erection pressed against her bare ***. Reaching around rubbing her boobs got me even hotter. I think I said, "Damn, I'm horny!!!", smiling in the mirror at me, she told me to wait for later and she didn't want to be late. When I got of the shower, she was putting this short blazer. It's more like a vest since I could see her bare lower back. As she walked away, I told her to have fun, and be careful. I couldn't see what she had on under the blazer, but her skirt was very short, and tight. She didn't need stockings since her legs were nicely tanned. I did notice her legs were shiny from the baby oil she always puts on after a shower. I couldn't get my eyes off her ***, and legs as she walked away with her skirt barely covering her ***. I heard a honk, and she yelled, "I Love You!!", and for me to have fun too. The door shut, and they drove off. I called my wife and told her her *** and legs looked super hot, and I never got to see her outfit since she ran out. She told me I'd see when she got home, and her friends were waiting outside.
Little did she know, the GPS on her phone showed where they were going. I met my buddies and had a few beers, then after about an hour, I grabbed one of the guys and said, "lets get out of here!". He's a single guy from work that's been to the house a few times and LOVES my wife, and she always says he's hot. Ugh!!
We walked into the club where the girls were. The place was packed with smoking hot women everywhere. He knew we were going incognito to check out the girls. He has met my wife's best friend Tina, and I think they hooked up already. When I told him I got to watch my wife and Tina together, his jaw was on the floor. We stayed in the back trying not to be noticed. We grabbed drinks from the bar far away from the action, and very dim lights. It was perfect. Sitting at the bar, we both were saying, "look at her, check her out!". Gorgeous women everywhere. I finally saw Tina coming out of the ladies room, and watched as she went to the table where the girls were. There was 6-7 of them and about 3-4 guys standing around this tall cocktail table next to the dance floor. My wife, and 2 other girlfriends were sitting, and then Tina sat down. The guys standing in between them talking, laughing, and drinking. Tina was sitting next to my wife and they were talking to 2 guys. Tina and my wife were facing each other with a guy standing over each one. The waitress came over to them and put 4 shots on the table. They each picked up their shots, said something and then Tina leaned over and started making out with my wife. The guys were clapping and cheering them on. They toasted, drank their shots, and one of them flagged the waitress to order 4 more shots. Tina had on this satin top with tiny spaghetti straps that were constantly sliding off her shoulders. The guy next to her was constantly rubbing her shoulder when they laughed, sliding her strap off on purpose. Every time it slid off her shoulder, the top was just above her nipple. It was very hot, and I'm sure the guy had the best view. My buddy and I both watched as Tina's strap slipped lower every time it slid off her shoulder. My wife got off her stool, and went to the ladies room with 1 of the other girls. As she stood up, she pulled her skirt down since it rode up above her butt cheeks. When I saw that, I shook a little and must have been red as a beat. The girls walked away, and now both guys were talking to Tina. The one guy had his hand around her shoulder, the other facing her, sitting in my wife's seat. Then it happened!!! She reached to grab her drink, and when she turned back around, the guys hand slid off her shoulder and down her arm, pulling the strap to her elbow. The guy still had his arm around her, holding the strap until the one side of her top slipped further down. She twisted to put her drink back on the table and as she turned back the satin top slid down below her left boob. She seemed oblivious as they kept talking and her strap had slipped below her elbow. Tina has got a great rack, and not tan lines. Perfectly tanned boobs. My buddy was dying as was I. A few minutes later, Tina's boob still out, my wife and her friend came back and the guy quickly slid her strap up over her shoulder. The guy sitting in my wife's chair got up. She stood there for a second, grabbed her drink, and as she was talking to Tina, she put her drink on the table and took her blazer/vest off and hung it on the chair. I almost fell off my chair, and my buddy said, "DAMN!!!"
Under her blazer was this thin white lace ***** that hooked in the back like a bra. Picture a 1inch ***** of gauze rapped around her body. This top, ( if u can call it that), went across her boobs with just enough material to cover her nipples. The entire lower half of her boobs showed, and if she took a breathe or lifted her arms, it looked as if it was going to just slide right off. I had such a raging hard-on, as she stood there with her drink chatting and laughing away. It only took about 2-3 minutes before the guy slid Tina's strap down again, and my wife was talking to the other guy. I don't know what was said, but I saw my wife say, "awwww", and reached up to hug the dude she was talking to. As soon as she lifted her arms to give him a hug, the top rolled down under her ****. When she let go, she very casually put her drink down and fixed it. I mean this thing is about an inch wide. This went on for about 1/2 hour. Now the one guy had Tina's attention as well as her strap off and her boob out. (That was fn beautiful), and my wife was talking non-stop to the other guy. Every time she reached over to grab her drink, her nipples were either coming out from the bottom of the *****, or the top.
Finally, I was so ******* horny and it was getting late. Plus I didn't want to get busted for spying on her, I paid the tab. While I waited for the waitress, the 4 of them decided to dance. I paid my bill, and my buddy and I got closer to the dance floor as we were on the way out. I stood at the exit, watching them dance. Tina's straps kept falling off one shoulder then the other with breasts and nipples everytime, and as my wife moved, she kept having to fix her top to make sure her nipples were covered, which wasn't often.
After leaving, I called her, and she was already walking out with Tina.
Whew, perfect timing!!!
When she got home, I was already on the couch, and I said, "ok, let's see this outfit!", she put her pocketbook down, stood in front of me, took off her blazer, and I said, "****, that is sexy as ****"!!!
I ripped her clothes off, and the rest is history. I do believe that her top is ruined.
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wow...! So hot.

Great story. Thanks for sharing. Im very horny now.

Hot story, I wish I had been there.