Horny Wife On New Years

Hi guys,

This happened a few years ago. My wife and I were about 21 at the time, and we'd made plans to go out drinking with a couple of my close mates to see in the new year.

She looked smoking hot that night, the picture of a total ****. She was wearing the tight rubber miniskirt I'd bought her, a tight shiny white tube top, black stockings and heels. Her skirt was so short if she bent over at all you could see her bare ***, and a slight spread of the legs would reveal her young tight ***** lips. Her B-cup **** may not have been that big, but her top was struggling to contain them.

We got to the pub and things started normally enough, chatting with my mates and a random group of guys and girls. The guys quickly noticed how hot my wife looked, and slowly but surely began warming her up. I pretended to be busy chatting with my buddies, all the while secretly watching my wife flirting with these total strangers. She was bending over slightly to show them her *** and ****, and even danced a little. As she danced her skirt rode up, giving the guys a good look at her firm butt and tight ***** before pulling it down again.

Throughout the night she kept looking over at me to make sure I was ok with it all, and I would just smile and nod slightly. When we eventually got close enough to talk she asked how I felt about all this, and I told her just how horny all this was making me. When I asked her how she felt, she looked straight at one of the other guys and said "horny!".

Midnight was fast approaching, and at the conclusion of the countdown, we shared a passionate kiss together, before breaking off to see everyone else. My wife got about 5 or 6 long kisses from the guys she'd been flirting with, with one of them bold enough to grab her *** as he kissed her. He must've noticed her lack of resistance, because next time I looked over he was standing next to her at the table, one arm behind her. I couldn't see because of the table, but she later told me he'd pulled her skirt up a little (not that he needed to) and started rubbing her *** & ****, which she also confessed was dripping wet.

This must have gone on for half an hour or so, before we decided it was time to leave and head back to my friends place. On the walk back I noticed her skirt kept riding up, showing countless motorists and party-goers her hottest assets. I also got to feel her up a couple of times during the walk, and her **** was fiery hot & very wet.

Back at my friends house we sat around chatting for a bit, before my wife disappeared into a back room for 10 minutes. When she came out she looked very flushed, and I'm pretty sure I could see some moisture on her upper thigh. When I quietly asked her about it she said she'd called another of my friends and *********** down the phone to him, before telling him if he wanted to **** her, he'd better get there fast.

He must've broken some speeding laws to get there, because it seemed like no time at all before he was there. My wife made a game of flashing her wet **** across the room to him while the rest of us chatted. Half an hour of this and he left to use the bathroom. My wife followed him a little while later, and both were gone for a very long time. Occasionally we'd hear moans, but no-one said anything.

My friends eventually went to bed before my wife came out.

**** she looked hot when she came to bed. Her skirt was bunched around her waist, her top had been pulled down, and there were faint bite marks around her nipples. Her *** was red from being slapped and fingered, but it was her **** that made me hottest.

Her normally tight little ***** had been stretched wide open, so much so that I easily got 3 fingers straight in. He must not have *** for weeks before that, because her **** was absolutely filled with very thick, very gooey ***. As we lay there I fingered her sloppy wet **** while she told me exactly how hard he'd ****** her, how much he had dominated her, and how he'd *** 3 times inside her.

On hearing this I quickly slipped my **** inside her, all resistance gone as it slid easily to the hilt in her messy *****. It didn't take long before I'd added my *** to his, and we both fell asleep before my **** softened
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2 Responses Nov 23, 2012

You're a very very lucky man. I wish my wife would do stuff like that for me.

Bring her to my house. I'll try you to a chair and let you watch my boys give her some serious *******.

My husband can barely last after other guys have *** in me. When it is just us, he has plenty of stamina, but stick his **** into my ***** loaded up with another man's *** he lasts a minute, other MEN's *** I think the amount he last is directly proportional to the number of loads he's watched me take.