My wife, (plywithmenow), and I have been married a long time, we have 2 great kids that are both grown. As the years passed, we've always had fun to keep things interesting. I will do anything she asks, within reason, and vice versa. If have read our totally transparent stories, you know we do keep it interesting.
She has been fun teasing the kid next door when he comes home for his college breaks. Laying out by the pool, knowing he can see her from the upstairs window that overlooks into our backyard. A few weeks ago, him and I sat on the couch as she decorated the Christmas tree wearing this little outfit. (The picture is in the latest album). The higher the decorations went, the higher she had to reach. Eventually, a step ladder was necessary to decorate the top. I absolutely LOVE when she does that to me. I can't explain it, but knowing another guy gets to peek, drives me crazy. I wish more guys would have their girls do that too. The picture tells it all. I KNOW my friends love it, as do I!!!
To make a long story short, I stopped home one beautiful sunny afternoon to grab some documents I had forgotten for the next appointment. I knew my wife most likely would be in the backyard tanning, or in the pool. I walked up the side of the house. I love peeking when she doesn't know. It's the sick pervert personality flaw I have. I've always loved sitting on the porch seeing her in the shower without her knowing. (Now, my friends love it too). I walked up the neighbors yard, looking over into my backyard. I went further back and heard her voice coming through the sliding doors that link the pool deck, to our bedroom. I went around the fence to get a better view through the open sliding glass door. Just as I had popped my head over the fence to look directly in, I quickly ducked when my wife came out the door. She leaned over grabbing her big gulp naked. She grabbed her towel off the chair, and as she walked back towards the door, the lonely college kid from next door stood at the door without a stitch on. He his **** was sticking straight up as she walked past him, and into the room. He smacked her *** as she passed and I shot a load instantly. I tried to squeeze my **** knowing it was coming, but that just made it explode even more. We always leave the side door open so the dog can go in and out. I snuck near the door, and had a partial view into the bedroom. I peeked around the dining room table for a better view. He was laying on my bed, and I couldn't help but laugh when I saw his virgin *****. It truly brought back memories. Lol
I was ducking behind the table peering in the bedroom door as my wife came out of the bathroom. She was rubbing her hands together with lotion, took a gulp of her drink, then stood at the foot of the bed, poured more lotion in her palms. She crawled on the bed, took both hands full of lotion and grabbed his ****, and stroking him with both hands. I got closer to get a better view. They had no clue I was there. I couldn't understand why I found it so ridiculously erotic and exciting to see the woman I absolutely adore, the love of my life, the mother of my 2 kids, straddling naked on top of a guy and pulling his **** with both hands. I loved watching her looking down with every stroke she took. I didn't think I had any *** left, but I was in pain from my **** being so hard, so long. I got closer, still staying out of sight. When I saw him rubbing her thighs and hips as she was sitting on top was very hot to see. Again, I can't explain it. When he reached up with both hands and started massaging her ****, my stomach was twisting, I was shaking, and loving this. She leaned down and slid his **** between her boobs. She started to lick the tip of his ****, then I heard her say, he was ready to ***, and she wanted to do it together. She crawled up, and I watched as she slid his raging hard-on slowly in her as she sat on him.
He was done as soon as she sat on top of him, then I quickly slipped out and came home a few hours later. Without me saying a word, she told me about the encounter.
God, I love her!!!
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What a HOTTTTTT story your wife is one sexy lady. Thank you are one hot couple thanks for the hot pictures. and pictures.

Great story,, Wish I lived in your neighbourhood