My Wife Showed Off To Her Friend Today...

Today was our first promise fulfilled...!! A promise to us...and promise to all of you....

It was a big day for us, we had wanted to do this for a long time. My lovely wife the most sexy 23 year old Japanese girl, with the finest figure brought into our life the first in a series of what is to happen a beautiful memory.

As promised to all of you, we followed our plan and did make improvements based on some suggestions we go from you all. This evening at around 8 pm, as per plan my wife had invited her friend to our home. I went to the other bedroom upstairs and she was downstairs in the living room. Our master-bedroom is on the ground floor. At sharp 8 PM, he friend arrived and I logged on to Skype in the room upstairs. My wife left the Skype call on in the bedroom with all lights on. He cam was on and I could see everything in the room.

Her friend came home and she opened the door for him. She was dressed in a nice dress but a very normal and not transparent. (She told me later that when he came inside the home, she gave him a warm hug and then invited him inside). We had planned all this to make him feel comfortable. He is a nice cute guy. My wife is 23 and hot.

For the next 1 hour they spent generally talking about life and she told him that I am on a business trip and that she was alone that night. They had red wine and because my wife's friend is also young he is not used to drinking much so he also got a bit tipsy. (She told me later that she kissed him once while offering him wine - this was part of our plan). He was not comfortable. He is a nice guy and a designer of dresses. He had designed some dresses for my wife before our wedding.

Slowly my wife started to talk about her dresses and as the talks progressed he was feeling happy that she liked the dresses he used to make for her and he volunteered to make few more. She told him that her husband likes her to wear sexy dresses and that he should make some more sexy and sheer. He was shocked but was pleasantly happy. He welcomed the idea and suggested that he will certainly make some like that. At that moment, my wife, mentioned that she bought some new dress and let her show him. He nodded and she got up to go to bedroom. He left him sitting in living room. My wife came to bedroom and she made sure the Skype call was OK and she then blew a kiss to me. It was showtime now.

Showtime !!

When she had come to room the door was left not locked. My wife removed her dress and she was now in the fine zebra-striped bra and black sheer panties, I had shaved her ***** smooth this morning. My lovely white princess was now just in a bra and panties. The finest sheer. She pulled a chair near the cupboard and pulled a dress and put it on the floor. Then as per the plan she threw the chair on the floor, and based on idea given by some of you, she sat on the floor on her knees and kneeled down as if her tummy was hurt. At that moment, I could clearly see her butt was up and anyone behind her can easily see her butt crack.

My lovely princess was on the knees, butt high up and the sound of big thud. The friend came rushing to the room. I was watching all this on the Skype. For the first moment, I saw my wife's friend had a kind of surprised look on his face that kind which has a happiness also. I could see him stopped for split seconds. He had a nice glance of my wife's butt. Probably he saw more. Then he quickly moved to help my wife get up and that moment she pretended to be in pain. He held her from waist now. I was watching all this on Skype. Another man holding my young bride, my lovely wife of 23, at her waist.

My princess did good acting. He asked her where did it hurt and I could hear her say somewhere on her belly. He asked her to lay down on the bed. Now I could see him holding my wife more. He put his arm around my wife's neck and helped her lie down in the bed. And he asked where was in hurting she pointed towards belly and he started to rub her belly gently.

My wife's eyes were closed and I could now clearly see her friend sitting next to her, my wife on bed, in her sheer panties, the shaved *****. The friend was clearly enjoying his luck. He is a nice guy. He did not want to take advantage of the pain. He massaged my wife's belly nicely. I was watching all this. Skype !! Thanks. I could see his hand gently roaming all over my wife's belly but his eyes were stuck on her panties and what he was looking. It was a shock for him also. He might not have expected that his best friend, who is my hot wife had the finest shaved *****. I could see he wanted to continue to massage my wife more.

With my wife's eyes closes, I could few times I rolled his tongue over his lips probably imagining that he is eating my wife's *****. I could feel that had she not been in pain (which he thought), he would have pushed my wife's panties down. I guess today he did not want to lose her trust. But the want in his eyes was nice. I was pleased to see another man so hungry for my wife. My lovely princess, was in her most sheer panties and she showed it nicely. I was hard. My **** was hardest ever and it almost bursted. Then my wife moved as if she was not shy and out of pain. She took a dress wore it. The friend helped her. This time he again was concerned and he hugged her. She thanked. I could see now all this live.

My wife gave him a gentle kiss and they went out…..!! After sometime her friend went away…and then she came rushing through to the door…she was all wet and I was at my hardest….!! And tonight we had the best **** of our life…!! It is beautiful to be in love…it is more beautiful to be in love when we make our…love……hot. All wet and with my cream in her and her cream all over my body…we are excited tonight and we look forward to more fun…!!

But what is fun without friends…!! We welcome all of your friends…to enjoy our…experience…
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2 Responses Apr 7, 2013

Well done!

That went very well! Glad you took advice not to actually let her fall, and the rest was very sweet! Glad you shared!