We made plans to meet up with some of my friends at a local pub to watch football, and hang out. We have all known each other for years, and I knew they were all coming without their significant others. My wife and I got there, grabbed a table, and ordered our drinks. She wore tan shorts, and a very loose knit crop top. She had on a flesh colored bra that made it seem she wasn't wearing one. We sat and had a few drinks, played a game of pool, and everytime she bent over to take a shot, you could see everything. I begged her to please go in the bathroom and take off her bra just for me. She said there is no way she could play pool without a bra on. I told her, "just one game, and when the guys show up, you can put it back on." She went in the bathroom, and my jaw dropped as she walked towards me. As she walked, her breasts bounced freely, and her perky ni .ps were quite visible through the knit top. The front of the top showed her tight belly and you could almost see the underside of her
I stood there asking if she was ready. It was her turn to shoot, and I just watched her bend over to take her shot. Her loose crop top hung down, and reaching to shoot the ball showed everything.
Our friends started showing up one by one.We both were pretty buzzed by then. She hugged each one as they got there. When she raised her arms to hug them, we saw everything. Everytime she leaned over to aim, or shoot, the guys would shift around the table to get a better view.  She came up to me saying she needed to go to the ladies room. I told her, "c'mon, finish the game, then go." We finished the game, but we all got an eyeful. She put her bra back on, but it was see through, so we still could see everything We'd sit there yapping, and whenever she lifted her arm to have a drink, the view was great.
Thanks Babe.
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Very hot. I bet your buddies talked about the sight for a long time

love it when they let it show

Wow! Make me want to play pool. It must be so great to see her walk towards you with her jiggling ****...

great story, wish there was pictures to go with it... ;)

For now, it's the profile pic.