Ok, so after sitting and talking, and watching my wife getting up and down as she went in and out of the kitchen getting dinner ready, I was mesmerized seeing her boobs popping out from under her shirt. I got up a few times to help with setting the table, and would hug her from behind in the kitchen, out of sight from my buddy. I would grab her boobs from underneath, and just feel them, and roll her top up just a little more each time. At one point, she came back in, and we could see both boobs, nipple and all.  When dinner was about ready, she excused herself and said she was sweating. She went back in the bedroom, and my buddy and I went in the kitchen to set the table. She came out, with this silk top on, that was loosely tied. As she was setting up dinner, it got looser, and looser. When he went to the bathroom , I grabbed the camera, and told her.."I gotta get a picture of this". 

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Little more expose would have killed me, add me please

Fantastic! Congratulations on the wife and the exhibitionism.

Very lucky man... love a woman with enough confidence to do that around others

AWESOME wife mate shes a real champion