I first was attracted to my wife as she is a very casual exhibitioist. In that I mean nearly any thing she wears is somewhat revealing. the warmer it is the more revealing her clothing. From sheer to see through, to blouses that button up but are not, to deep v blouses you name it. She is letting it all hang out around my friends when they stop over. Which is most every knight and on weekends supposedly to visit me but they are looking around as soon as they come in the door. they get around to asking me if she is home I avoid answering and watch as the anticipation builds. When she dose come into the room she has generally changed into something special. I have quite the collection of pictures on my fluke site. please feel free to enjoy them. I'm quite proud of her. www.fliker.com members name Gottaflirt. if I read several comments from you I will friend you for some special treats.
gottaflirt gottaflirt
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My wife was like that, no sje doesn't show anything.

hi id like to chat on yahoo msgr, im ukmale9996@yahoo.com

Your wife sounds great. Couldn't find any Gottaflirt ont Flickr, though... Too bad, I'd love to see her tricks!

you know I need to work something out so my ep friends can see pics that will help them relate to my stories. have any ideas? if not I'll get back to you

Can't you just add them to the stories? Or create albums related to each story?
Your wife is definitely great! Would love to see even more of her!

Sorry that's www.flickr.com see you