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i was 17 when pretty hate machine came out. we heard they were coming in concert but didn't have any money. my friend's brother was a crossdresser and had stolen a bustier from an expensive store-it still had tags on it. my friend took it and returned it to buy us tickets. we rode the bus out to the fairpark to see them. it was amazing, standing room only! we were right up front smashed against the stage. the show got out at midnight and we had missed the last bus home (we lived about 40 miles from the venue). we walked across the street to a hotel to use their phone and try and find a ride. this cheesy guy pulled up in a van and came in. he asked if we had been to the concert and if we wanted to meet the band. he gave us a record of the opening band who's name i can't recall. we stupidly got into the van with this guy and he took us to this shithole apartment in a part of the city i still never go to. ahhh trent was there, my friend touched him (and squealed). they were listening to vanilla ice and everyone was gettting trashed. we ended up bumming a ride home with a bunch of guys. so fun!

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my favorite song these days is "vessel".