I Enjoy Watching Women Pee.

Once I had just bought a brand new car. I went by this one girls house I knew and picked her up. We drove out to the country. She announced she had to pee when we came up on an outhouse. We went in so she pulled down her jeans in front of me and did her business. She looked right at my crotch and saw my bulge. She than said, "pull down your pants". I did and my penis sprung right at attention. As she was peeing she said, "I should have ****** that thing earliar today". So when she was done I stood her up and inserted my self into her still dripping womanhoood. We heard another car pull up so we stopped and quickly dressed. When it was apparent they weren't coming in we resumed the sex. Soon we heard the buzzing of some bees coming our way. We again quickly dressed and got out of harms way! I must admit sex in an outhouse after watching a lady pee is very fun!
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4 Responses Jul 27, 2010

Wow sounds hot.. I love peeing in public and watching people get horny

fake, so fake...

What makes u think it's fake?

Sounds really enjoyable and a real adrenaline rush..

Wow what a great experience! sounds so hot!