I Love Camping ;)

My favourite thing about camping is knowing that there aren't any toilets around ;)
I love the feeling of squating in the middle of no where & letting it all flow out. Trying not to soak your pants so your friends wont notice.
The other thing I love about it is camping with all the girls, We never go to the toilet on our own theres always another girl with us.
I love hearing their trickle flow out of them & hear it hitting the dirt, It's a bit of a turn on ;)
Knowing that all the guys just let it out where ever they want doesn't help to keep my panties dry.

I wish I could be getting sprayed with that golden flow.
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2 Responses May 20, 2012

Last time I went camping one of the ladies went for a pee behind a large rock when she returned I headed around to where she was and found a puddle of pee in the rock, being a dirty pervert I put my tongue and lips in the puddle and tasted her strong smelling wine and had a ****

:) gis a shout next time you're going camping