Sex Women

every day there is sexy women in my eyes my gf is a latin eye candy. now when am alone i cant help to resist a sexy women with a skirt, dress or a sphagetti strap t-shirt with juicy boobs am a boob and azz lover i cant help it. my **** goes hard everytime i get to see a pair of boobs with a matching fat azz. and i dont care if a woman gets to see my ***** i actually welcome them with a brief comment thats comments in their assets. some woman make fun of my ***** but then get a sexual rush of how turned on i am which the only thing am doing is showing the sexy woman how she is making me feel and the woman luv it i think is the feeling that a woman never gets hit on that kind of way that they tend to intimidate but i dont care at least i get good view when am infront of them and they get my ***** up close i have encountered some woman that grab on to the ***** **** and then get surprised of how thick and long my penis is that has happen ever since i was a teen but at the same time i look slim and average height so thats probably the reason y their surprised of my **** size in my advantage bc once a woman tastes they become i luv with the **** . mainly my target are woman in their 30's there alot of fun mainly bc there lonely i have woman that is a stay at home housewife that always looks hott when i see her i had the courage to say hi one evening and then it become i a conversation starter soon she took a look at my chubby and i was like sorry but u make me catch a HARD ON she was latina huge rack from nursing her new born and a trim body that looked like she didnt have a baby she felt embarrassed i told bye but a few days later i saw her again at the park jogging but then i was embarassed i couldnt know how to talk to her she smiled and then i knew i was inn she came towards me and said how are you and your ***** i laughed but she then said that she wanted to know how hard i get so we walk in towards the woods i pulled down my pants she smiled and licked her lips and said MAY I so she started stroking it pre *** started to *** out she looked at me and drop to her kness spitting all over the **** she began to lick my balls and sucking my head i took her boobs out they were some dd's with veins all over from nursing i guess and her nipples were like torpedoes oh my this really turn me on!!! i like the she moaned when she was sucking my **** and the facial expression of being terrified bc she couldnt quite deep throat my **** that was priceless i wanted to be deep in her ***** also but she inverted me to her azz and i was now more excited to pound her azz away the pain she felt excited me there was no lube well except for being in her mouth she just screamed and begged to have her azz ****** hard i felt like tarzan out in the woods she felt my **** pulses and stopped she then took my **** out of her azz and wanted me finish in her mouth but i had other intentions i had been **** slaPPING HER FACE so her face full of my **** slobber that i had to give her a facial with matching boobs of *** i asked her y i could **** her ***** and she replied that her husband has been waitng to **** her ***** and she wanted him to enjoy it from after giving birth a few months back we visit our woods at least twice a week her husband takes care of the baby while she is getting her excersise with my **** she been really demanding of not ******* in her face anymore bc she doesnt want to get caught so i make her swallow it or i get to cumm all inn her azz
caschampion1 caschampion1
26-30, M
Mar 31, 2011