I Get Turned On By Sexy Women

I have never had a sexual experience with a woman although I have craved for one my whole life. I have never desired to be in a relationship as with that of a man and a woman, but would enjoy the sexual and sensual aspect of it. My boyfriend is all for it, even if he never gets to participate or watch. He loves my willingness to admit what we both feel most women are afraid to admit to. I have pleasured myself since I was a young girl to photos, movies, or thoughts of sexy hot women. I still do, DAILY! My boyfriend and I both enjoy ************ to the same visuals. It leads to some very hot sex. I hope I will find a situation that presents itself so that I can indulge in my most delicious fantasy. I have a strong feeling it can be part of my life. I wish more women would come to terms with our attraction to eachother and explore! I am about to burst!!!








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1 Response Oct 14, 2009

wow you betcha- I hope your desires become reality for you too.. Keeping my fingers crossed for your goal...sd Good times..