That Wonderful Small Breasts

Perhaps my story has not worth, because my breast is small, I wear a bra 34 A however, I'm starting from the premise, that  my very best compliments to me are , that the small breast are more aristocratic, and that this is a preference to men and more often to women  that are above the average, that means winers.

I love the big boobs, but if could choose, I will not hesitate I 'll prefer small ones.

Jennylou83 Jennylou83
26-30, F
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allways :)

I am an equal opportunity breast person. I learned from a past lover that the size is not as important as their sensitivity. I have been lucky enough to be able to brings some women to ****** with just my licking/sucking/nibbling ability. One young lady with small breasts loved the attention I paid to her breasts, and admitted that I was her first partner to get her off this way. It became a standard part of our foreplay to spend time there. Thanks again for bringing back a wonderful memory

i love small ****

Jennylou, Your breasts are a wonderful size. I love nothing better than cute, perky, small breasts.

my personal experience... tiny tittied women have more sensitive nipples, more wanting sexually, and wilder under (or over) the sheets. I agree with you completely.... more than a handful is a waste! *S*<br />
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Me too, i love them, quality over quantity any time.<br />

Please see the comment I posted to drasago's story "Ode" in this group.

Well my dear, I think your breasts are exactly the way I like them best. Bigger is not particularly better. And I bet yours are sensitive, that you enjoy being felt, and I bet your nipples are sensitive - too sensitive?