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Tickling Turn On

I enjoy tickling ticklish women because it really turns me on and i get a huge hard on when i am tickling a woman for a long period of time and i have to reposition myself when i am tickling so it don't bother the person that i am tickling and i love to wear nothing but boxers when tickling because that will really help turn me on as well and i love tickling a woman on the bed that is a extremely huge turn on.
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Whoever the stranger is who posted this, its one of the LONGEST
one-sentence stories on E.P.

My wife is very ticklissh. A male friend dropped in a while back on a hot evening. My wife was wearing short skirt and a light bloiuse. , no bra.<br />
She invited him to join us on the couch then started tickling his bare knees. He tickled her underarms and she slid on the floor laughing. we both joined her on the floor. I held her wrists as he tickled her under arms and she wriglled and he rskirt flwe up and we both saw her panties. She was hot and needed to pee so we stopped as she went upstairs. . He told me that he wanted her , it was gtoo hot for him. When she caame back, I told her that I would leave them alone to continue tickling. and I went up to bed. He left about an hr or so later. A week or so later, he thanked me.