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Diaper Sex

for some reason my wife started to wet the bed ,it was hapening most nights ,the only sulition was for her to ware a diaper ,because she is patite she fitted into a toddlers range,at first she was shy about it and still wetting but it was a sulition ,now i feel it is turning her on as she wants sex like never before still in her wet diaper
bolton59 bolton59 36-40, M 12 Responses Jul 14, 2010

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I am pooing in mine as im typing this. What a turn on.

diaper sex is hot i love to **** my wife in a diaper hot hot hot

I like to sit right down on an erection while I am wearing a poopy diaper, I just move the mounded crotch out of the way to one side and slide down the pole. I like anal this way and guys like it too. Once I had a poopy accident while I was sitting on a guy and filled up his diaper. While I was lifting up and down on his thing I guess the action made my bottom fall out, he got good sex and sprayed my bum till I was full with his milk. I diapered him up in his poopy diaper and after that he came again and loved it. I think it would be great to receive that experience for myself sometime.

Hi guys back at last ,for some reason i could not get singed in ,yes i have come to enjoy sex with her nappie ,uk, it so so horny when she has done it and slipping in behinde her ,i like to think i am punishing her for wetting in bet but she no otherwies ,yes sexy poopie pee nappies on my wife

Hello you lucky guy. If my wife gave me that chance I would be in 7th heaven.

diaper sex is fun. once u try it you'll probablylike it. ive done it but not in the same way

pooping is even more fun

mmm very nice to hear

Your a very lucky man.<br />
Maybe you can get her to wear her diapers more often and have more fun.

You lucky son of a gun.

I am a male 59 and never hade this chance but, it sure sounds like fun and sexy.

I know how she feels, I find a wet diaper to be an incredible turn on. Even just wearing a diaper makes me horny

hi can we be friends