Pampered in lots of Luvs and Huggies

I am an Adult  Baby Boy. My first experience with rubber pants and Diapers started at an early age just after I was potty trained. I remember sneaking a pair of rubber pants into my bed at night and pulling them up under my pajamas while I lay in bed. I went through puberty wearing Pampers starting at the age of 13.  I would wear a wet Pampers that my niece had soaked the night before when she was a Toddler. I would lay on the soaking wet Pamper and pull it up between my thighs. The pressure of the wetness and the moisture against my genitals would cause me to release my testosterone squirting and filling the Pampers. I would continue this practice as often as I could. Soon I was buying and wearing Depends Adult Diapers, (now fitted briefs with the plastic backing). This is my story and I still wear Diapers, I have pooped, squirted and peed in many diapers, sometimes I lay helpless; handcuffed, shackled, and ball gagged for hours.  

My whole body changes as the testosterone in my brain is released in anticipation of  wearing a Diaper, I am fully erect now. I lay with my legs spread open, knees slightly bent, on the bed. I unfold a Depends Adult Size Medium Fitted Brief under my Bum and sink my Bum into it. I pull the front of the diaper up between my thighs. The back of the diaper sits slightly higher on my thighs than the front. Starting with the bottom tapes I work my way up from side to side ensuring that the Depends is pulled snug and forms smoothly to my genitals. With my erection now diapered in plastic, I lift my bum off the bed to ensure a nice snug fit. The blue wetness indicator is straight as I run my fingers between my crotch and the elastic leg gathers so they lay flat against my skin. I fit up a pair of white rubber snap pants and fasten them over my Depends, I ensure my Depends Diaper is completely covered. I am safe and secure.

My senses are overloaded, the relaxation I feel is too much for me. I put a Nuk Pacifier in my mouth and suck. I bring the cold metal of the leg shackles next to my ankles and snap on the ratcheting cuffs. With each click of the shackles my senses are overloaded. The pressure builds in my Depends I am still fully erect. Next I bring the tether chain up between my legs and attache the belly chain. A pair of Rigid Handcuffs placed behind my back hold the belly chain in place. the excess chain is brought up between my crotch and attached in the front. the padlock is secured. I cuff my wrists behind my back, as I ratchet the cuffs tighter my testosterone starts to flow into my Depends. I lay helpless like a baby safely secured at the wrists and ankles, pacified and now emptied of my manhood I regress. I feel the warmth of my testosterone flow around my genitals and into my Bum. I struggle and moan as my testosterone empties, I relax and catch my breath. Sometimes I wear a locking head harness ball gag to muffle my excitement!

I now feel the warmth of my pee filling the front of my Depends. I roll onto my wrists, the pressure of the cuffs digs in and reminds me how I am helpless and unable to do anything other than release my testosterone and pee while only wearing a Depends Diaper. Cuffed and shackled I wet my Depends Diaper like the Baby Boy that I am. The smell of the testosterone in my pee fills the air as the Depends Diaper absorbs and expands to soak up my warmth. I flash back to my crib standing behind the side rails as if imprisoned in my own pee. Waiting for mom to come into my nursery, I miss the warm gentle touch of her hands as she would lay me on the bed and change my diaper like the baby I was. Now imprisoned in my own handcuffs,  leg shackles and pee I am again reminded of the baby within me.

I find the strength to release my cuffs and shackles, my wrists and ankles still raw with excitement. I remove my diaper from my crotch only to sink my face into the warm sweet pee. I inhale and fill my lungs with the smell of the testosterone. I lick the pee out of my diaper, the warmth pressed against my face. I taste my manhood and my pee I left behind. My mouth is filled with the sweetness. My whole body changes as the testosterone in my brain is released in anticipation of  wearing a Diaper again. 
wildnwet wildnwet
26-30, M
Sep 2, 2011