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I have loved diapers for a really long time. I can remeber after i was potty trained going over to my grandmas and she had some diapers in the closet. i asked if she would diaper me and she said yes get on the bed. I used to love it!! I then grew out of it but as i got older i started to get curious again. My youngest cousin was almost out of diapers and one day i decided to steal one. I couldnt wait to get home with it and play. I fell in love again. Im older now and while i love to buy the plastic dispaosable adult diapers i still love buying the large pampers or pull ups. Makes me feel so good and horny. I would love to find a girl who likes them as much as me.
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Mostly I love panties, but every so often I enjoy masurbating in diapers as well, I enjoy the disposable variety, the only downside is the cleanup if the liner breaks. I started using diapers after reading so many exciting stories on EP.

Same here there is nothing better then a nice diaper on Abd the feel and the sound of the crinkly diapers and smell of the baby powder. My Nana also bought diapers for me when I was getting older Abd would change me. I used to steal diapers if I was visiting or around someone who had babies. If they were to small I would take 2 and make them fit. I try to wear diapers as much as I can it make me secure and Horny. I've had girls change me but never A Daddy I would love that.

I love diapers prob just as much as you if not more

Not easy to find a girl to share this interest, although this site has helped make it seem that it's not that unusual.

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Great story been in diaper since 9 or so till this day i love my diapers