I Noticed Somebody, Felt Bad

I was in a shopping mall (centre) 2 years ago waiting for someone to come out of a store and a young male walked in through the main doors of the building. I noticed he had to make more of an effort to walk, so I guess he may have been involved in an accident or born with a problem. Then I noticed a certain bulky look from behind him and I actually tried to follow him a little way and could clearly see the shape of a nappy under his jeans when I got nearer.

I felt guilty noticing it but I think he could have hidden it better. I tried to fight getting turned on by it but It was very difficult. He also had a ruc sac and I wondered if he carried changing supplies in it.

I hope I won't be the only person who posts a story like this here,,I'll feel bad if so, lol.
blueeyedMatt blueeyedMatt
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I wish I could see someone wearing a diaper other than babies

You will probably suddenly see something unexpectedly one day. I don't notice someone wearing very often, there's not many who would want to make it look obvious I suppose.

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Hi John, I think people like us who wear them have such sharp "nappy radar" when it comes to spotting someone else and we just can't help it lol. I'd love to have known this guy's attitude to his nappy wearing, would he have cared that someone noticed it for example? I'd like someone to notice me wearing, but with so many people that can really intimidate an adult nappy wearer around, it would terrify me to go out in one, unless I was in a medical building possibly.