Panties That Made Me ***

This past summer as I was leaving work..... I work in retail...... I was in the checkout line and there was a woman in front of me with a white halter style sundress on. It was of a cotton gauze material and quite see through. I could not take my eyes off of her. She occasionally bent over to take some items out of her cart and put on the conveyor and her white cotton bikini panties were even more visible. I purposely got in line behind her in hopes of seeing what I did see. I can't believe how turned on I got. She paid for her groceries and left. as I only had several items I checked out as fast as I could. I was able to catch up to her in the parking lot and again saw her lovely white panties as I walked by her as she loaded them inyo her vehicle. when I got to my car I immediately drove away. Once on the highway I immediately took down my pants and *********** until i shot my load. I have been looking at women and fantasizing about women in panties for years but never has anyone had that effect on me. I'll never forget it
anxibsnist32 anxibsnist32
51-55, M
Nov 27, 2012