On The Bridge...

Thursday is my day for doing the household shopping and other errands 4 my mom. It''s been super hot here and WAY 2 hot 2 wear a diaper so I decided 2 play 1 of my new games... holding my pee,,, so I'd mayB have an accident. 1 of the things on my list was 2 pick up my father's watch at the jewelers down town, not my fav place 2 go in Summer coz there's NO parking places. I hav a friend who works across the creek who'll let me park there & then I'll walk across the bridge. By the time I got 2 the store I was wringing wet from the heat (like 96 degree). I'd last peed when I got up & I kinda knew it wouldn't B long til I hadda pee. I jus hoped it wouldn't B embarrassing. K... so, on the walk back over the bridge I stopped towards the middle 2 look at the boats anchored there & when I did I noticed that if I stood right in the middle I'd B standin on a grate and I could C the water thru it. The only other peeps on the bridge were walking away from me but there were cars whizzin by behind me. On the spur of the moment I jus realxed and let my pee go. Looking over the side I could C it falling kinda like rain in the water. I thought it was funny coz if a boat had been goin by my pee woulda been rainin on it. I was wearin the nylon shorts I'd found a few weeks ago that don't show that much of the wetness so when i started walkin the rest of the way back i wasn't that worried. NEway... that hasta B the wierdest place I've peed yet. :-)
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5 Responses Jul 23, 2010

That is hot! Nice job ******* in public like that!

That would of been so cool if u rained on a boat...

i like it mmm have you found more places yet ?

Those nylon running shorts are great. I've worn them, and unless someone sees you as they are shinney from pee, you can't tell. Mine had a cotton inner part that did get wet and felt great next to me...but no one knew. I peed all sorts of places without anyone ever finding out!

I wouldn't have minded being in a boat under that. Well done!