******* On Campus

I've always been turned on seeing guys pee in naughty places. I'm turned on when girls do it too, but I see it less frequently. I have a true story to share. I was just on campus in the lounge, up late working, and I really had to pee. I checked every bathroom I knew of on campus and they were all locked. The last bathroom I checked was the one by the math building. There's a vending machine right by it and about 3 feet of space from the side of the vending machine to the wall. I had to pee really bad, so I pulled down my jeans and squatted down. I had trouble peeing at first, so to make it easier, I rubbed my **** to relax. Pee trickled out onto the red brick floor and made a river by the vending machine. I was so turned on and wet I decided to save some for another spot. I then went behind a bush near the computer lab. Later in the evening, I had to pee again, so I peed on the pavement by a statue. I went back the next night (last night) and peed no the wooden stairs to the computer lab and then on the status again. Then tonight I was back there and pissed really hard onto the floor by the vending machine at the student union. I left a naughty puddle. I can't wait to do it again.
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Wish I could of seen that;)

Thanks for your nice story, loved it. Could you tell some more about what you've done and see and how it effects you, please?
I tried to message you, but you have me blocked.

thats so sexy. thank you for sharing this with us :)

Seriously hot, thanks for sharing!


Sounds like a LOT of fun :)